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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ghost Chicken

Ghost Chicken
9:30 pm
While I was in the yard taking pictures, I wondered where my metal chicken was. It was too cold and the snow was too deep to go look. When I came in and was looking at the pictures on my computer, there was the chicken, metal chicken that holds a plant. I cannot believe that I could not see it. As I cropped, the chicken became larger and more visible. However, it also had less resolution. But, I do like the effect, especially after I decided it was a ghost chicken.
Not much pen floor left
2:30 pm
Patsy Cline and Thelma were standing in this portion of their pen. They are not chickens that like snow.  The rest of the pen had snow covering the ground. Remember two years ago when I had to carry them into the house and back out into their pen because they refused to leave the porch after spending the night in a cage indoors? Maybe I can find that post for newcomers.
They stayed in their pen all day because there was snow on the ground. I just locked the door so nothing would trap them in the pen with nowhere to go. At least on the outside they have a chance of flying into a tree or over the fence.
The water container did not freeze all day with one 40 watt bulb in the homemade water heater. 
As I went out this afternoon, I notice there was half an inch of icy water in the wagon. It rained here this morning. I decided this would be where I could scoop snow for snow ice cream.  I figured it would fill with snow, too. Nope, did not as I looked tonight.

As I stood on the side porch, I turned to the right, toward the back yard. This is a beautiful sight in the yard. The low hanging limbs give me some indication of what might be happening to limbs hanging over power lines, limbs laden with snow. 
looking straight ahead as I stand on side porch
This is the picture where I cropped out the Ghost Chicken. See it? To the right of the shepherd's hook?  The wagon does not have enough snow to scoop and make snow ice cream. See the table at the left? That has more than 4 inches of snow, plenty for me to eat. 
looking straight ahead off the porch and up a bit
The flood light to the left illuminated the heavy snow on this hickory tree limb. The less brilliant tree on the right is the tree in the other pictures.
It is like a fairy land out doors. There are 5 inches of snow in several places, more than we usually see. It's still snowing.
I know you snow people think this is nothing special. But, to me it is. It will be fading fast tomorrow as it will be 45 tomorrow, 54 on Friday, and 62 on Saturday.
Tomorrow, I will post my snow cream recipe. Well, my laptop is fading fast, so I may be without a laptop tomorrow. It took me 3 or four hours to recover my blog today!
Your turn
Do you get so little snow that it excites you still? I know I will be sick of it by Friday.


  1. Wow. It is probably forty years since we had any significant snow here. Perhaps more.
    We occasionally get a miserable flurry of sleet, but snow is a rarity. The hills around us get some each year and the snowfields (such as they are) are only sixty miles away but your photos have me oohing and aaahing.
    Thank you.

    1. EC,
      This is highly unusual. It is much deeper now as it has been snowing since about 2 pm today. I cannot imagine never seeing snow at least every couple of years. It is pretty and so amazing. You are welcome. I would send you some but you would only get a soggy envelope.

  2. I don't feel as if we get enough snow here where I live. We had snow Saturday night/Sunday morning. My hens did not come out of their coup. They don't like it either. I hope you stay warm enough tonite, and that the ice doesn't do too much damage in your area.

    1. Michelle,
      When chickens don't see snow often, they will not walk in it. It's so funny. I have about 7 inches now. Since there is no wind, I will be okay after ten minutes of warming the bed. I have that wool blanket over me like a sheet. Yes, no ice storm damage, please.

  3. Years ago we moved tom New England due to snow. I Usda to hate the stuff. Now, however, I enjoy the rare snowfall. It makes everything so still. Key word us RARE.

    1. This is rare here, too. That is what makes it I am thankful it is here. But, if it were falling more often, I would not like it very much.

  4. I am from a land of snow and I always think it is special, Linda. The tree laden with snow looks beautiful! How did you get the falling snow fakes show up in the photos? I cannot make that happen.

    1. Sue,
      Thanks. I was stunned at the tree and snow and even more stunned at how beautiful the picture was.

      There was a floodlight on and a porch light. I had hoped to get pictures of the snowflakes. The camera, using a flash, caught about one of twenty snowflakes falling. And, I was using a flash. So, I don't know exactly what caught the snowflakes. signed, the accidental photographer.


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