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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Ice Cream Recipe Yes, I Eat Snow

ready to eat my snow ice cream

Oh joy! I made snow ice cream for the first time in years and years. I still have snow in the freezer, so maybe I can make more later if it is not too crunchy. My bowl is sitting on my lap on a towel so I can take a picture before my legs can thaw it. Can you see the tint of the vanilla?

When I was a child living in Jackson, MS and in Memphis, TN, we had little snow, not even enough to make snow ice cream once a year. But, Mama made it as often as she could. We were four absolutely thrilled children. So, this is special. It reminds me of all the ways she tried and did make life so wonderful. This is a taste of my childhood.

You can make the recipe to your taste, so this is only a guideline if you wish. One thing, the milk mixture must be cloyingly sweet. You must think there is too much vanilla,  also. It should taste like the mixture for homemade ice cream in the summer. But, no egg. I know you will taste Remember, snow will go into the ice cream to soften the taste. This recipe is what I ate in one sitting. It is never as good after being in the freezer. It could work for two people and only one small bowl.

Homemade Ice Cream recipe

1 1/2 cup milk
2/3 cup of sugar
2 tsp vanilla

Put the measuring cup of milk and sugar in the microwave and stir occasionally until the sugar is melted. Add vanilla and refrigerate.

When the mixture is cooled, Go get snow! The mixture does not have to be cold, but that is best. Mama may not have heated the mixture, but the sugar in mine is well dissolved. Maybe hers was, too.

outdoors, ready to bring it in.

Last night/this morning, 5 am, I took a metal bowl and a flattish utensil to gather snow. Then, I brought it in to use. I put the mixture into another stainless steel bowl and dipped snow in and pushed it down and mixed it often. When the results were stiff in the bowl (you will know) and the cream is no longer white, eat! You will be able to see the whiter snow that is not fully mixed. EAT!

I suppose I skimmed off  1 1/2 gallon snow. Use some common sense. Gather snow high enough that it is not yellow, even under freshly fallen snow. Don't gather snow with depression in the snow from animal feet. I will gather under trees as long as birds are not out. You can see the depressions of animal and bird feet even after new snow falls. Eating snow will not kill you.

See how fluffy?

This snow was so fluffy that I used lots more snow than is usually needed. Dip the snow from the gathering bowl into another bowl with the liquid mixture. (I used stainless steel mixing bowls because I think it stays colder.) Don't pour the liquid into all the snow. You might not need all the snow you brought in.

I am going to see if the snow in the freezer is still good and fluffy and not hard.

Oh, my in-laws in Rochester, NY,  thought it was gross to eat snow. They refused to eat the snow ice cream I made. Do you think eating snow is unhealthful?

Your turn
Do you eat snow ice cream? Do you make it like I do? Did you make any this year? This last snowfall?


  1. Replies
    1. Exactly!

      I cannot any longer use my blog except to reply!

  2. What a treat. And I love that it brings back fond memories for you.

    1. EC,
      It seems I remember my childhood so much more lately and think of my mother, dead for 22 years. They are precious memories.

  3. What a wonderful childhood memory for you. I've heard of snow ice cream, but I've never made it. I would consider trying it.


    1. Janie,
      Yes, it was a very good childhood memory. I can picture my mother mixing the cream and going out to get the snow, mixing the ice cream while eagerly children waited. I miss my mother.

  4. We used to mix it with a mixture of regular Kool Aid and sugar. We loved it. Our mom would let us put a big mixing bowl out on the picnic table while it was snowing and we would catch it that way. Or we would eat it straight right off of our mittens.

    1. tana50,
      That's interesting. I have never heard of that. That is sort of like a snow cone. I considered putting the mixing bowl on the table outdoors. We caught snow on our gloves, too. Or, we would scoop it up in our hands, making sure where we got it. Thanks.

  5. I live in Canada, where we eat our snow straight. :-D

    Wonderful childhood memories, Linda! Thanks so much for sharing. Happy Valentines Day! xoxo

  6. /sue,
    "we eat our snow straight"

    That's so funny.
    Happy Valentine's Day to YOU

  7. Dad used to make snow ice cream for us occasionally--I think he made some during the blizzard of '93, when I was in high school. I think your in-laws were silly--I ate lots of snow while growing up in PA (so much easier to let a gloveful of snow melt in the mouth than to go inside for a drink while outside playing!) and have lived to 36 so far with no major health problems besides childhood asthma.

    But I must admit that I am entirely sick of snow this year. (It's snowing again as I type this.)

    1. My inlaws were strange!

      Besides, kids are just going to eat snow because it is there. I do believe in avoiding snow that might be contaminated! I never scrape down to grass or pavement and such precautions.

      Since it started snowing at 10 am on Wed and quit at 3 am on Thursday, immediately started melting and kept me in only those two days, I cannot complain. Of course, I had no where I had to be. I made the snow ice cream at 5 am because it was melting fast.

      I could do without anymore snow for the year.

  8. I love snow ice cream! I am a little jealous, since it has been a long time since I had any. Hope yours was wonderful!

  9. I've never had it, but if it's as good as my father's homemade vanilla and fresh peach ice cream, it's a treat that compares to nothing else.

    1. I imagine it is that delicious. Now, I want some of his ice cream!

    2. One memory is cast in stone.

      My father gathered up the makings, placed them in the machine and we hovered; tired, towheaded urchins with sweat beads; patiently waiting in the late summer evening.

      When it was finished, my mother brought out sugared fresh peaches and scooped them on top of the homemade vanilla ice cream.

      In Heaven, that moment will be lived again.


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