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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sweet Potato Bus

Sweet potatoes ride this to school.
just kidding!

40 lbs. of sweet potatoes 
x 2=
80 lbs. I bought.

As some of you may know, I love sweet potatoes. One year, I bought 120 pounds. This year, I only bought 80 pounds. These will last until next July. I buy #1, I think, 40 lbs for $10. That is $0.25/lb. What do you pay if you buy sweet potatoes? What variety do you buy?

I can barely hold my eyes open. And, I am staggering. If this is a reaction to medicine, well...don't know. So, can you wait until tomorrow for the rest?

Raccoon Update

Exbf said the hens were very skittish today as he fluffed their nest pine straw and got the one egg and fed them. Neither of us saw a raccoon, nor did Patsy Cline or Thelma sound the danger alarm. Patsy Cline gave me an egg, so maybe she is calmer than I think, calmer than she acts. Maybe this was yesterday's egg just busting to get out.

When exbf came, I told him to pay particular attention to their behavior and scan for a raccoon in the places I saw them and around the yard. All was quiet on this front.

I have an idea. It is possible the hens see the raccoons in the yard in the morning, walking around or climbing the fences. The fear may be reinforced every day now that the raccoons want the hens.

Me Update

I took the first of three prednisone about 9 or so yesterday morning. It finally wore off about 6 am this morning, and I slept for three hours. My sinuses seemed clear. Chest congestion kept me coughing for a while last night. My back and knee did not hurt last night(prednisone?), so I was able to clean up my neglected kitchen. My energy yesterday and last night was incredible.

Your turn
And, how was your day? Eating sweet potatoes much? Do you raise them? Got critters after your chickens?


  1. That's a lot of sweet potatoes and you got them for a very good price. I love them as well.

    When I was younger, I believed a tall tale which was told to me. If I ate too many of them, I'd turn orange.

    Hope you feel better soon.

    1. Whisper Mist,
      Actually, eating an excessive amount of sweet potatoes, pumpkins and pumpkins will cause your skin to turn orange. I learned this when I had babies and fed them baby food. Of course, it is just the carotene in the food. Plus, you probably thought your skin would stay orange forever. It won't. Stopping eating so much will cause your skin to return to its normal color.

      Exbf had never looked at the price of sweet potatoes until I brought home 120 lbs, He started looking at the prices and decided it was a good price, even though I did lose a few over the months.

      Thanks. I feel so much better.

  2. Hoping you're feeling better. I hate going to the doctor, and hate taking meds even more, but sometimes ya gotta!

    I pay $1.79 a pound for sweet potatoes, but I buy organic. I tried raising them myself, but it's too cold up here---the few I got need two weeks to cure at 80 degrees and high humidity. Um, I don't have that in the summer, let alone in fall. I figure it's easier to buy them for all that trouble.......

    1. Sue,
      Thanks. I agree about doctors and meds.

      That is a steep price, but with your growing conditions, I agree that buying is best. It is normal here to have high heat and humidity even in the fall. I buy oranges because conditions are not right here for successful growth.

  3. I don't like sweet potatoes but you got a great deal. I don't think the Prednisone caused the back pain as it is an anti inflammatory drug. I've taken it so many times it isn't funny. In fact before my back surgery I sometimes took it for the back pain I had.
    I hope you feel better soon.

    1. Lee Ann,
      Maybe I did not make it plain, but I attribute the lack of back pain to having taken prednisone. For the relief I had that night, I would not mind having more than three pills.

      If you don't like sweet potatoes, I figure that makes more for me!

  4. Wonderful to hear that the prednisone is helping. And that you got an egg.
    I love sweet potatoes. And cannot get them at anything like that price. They are usually about $3 a kilo - and often more.


    1. EC,
      And, Patsy Cline gave me another today. Thelma is not laying. Wow, that is high for sweet potatoes! Do they not grow in your area of the country? Sweet potatoes are so good for us. I wish they were cheaper for you.

  5. If you take Prednisone without an antibiotic, the Prednisone allows the illness to spread out of control. Since you're being protected by the antibiotic, the Prednisone is doing what it's supposed to do: lessening inflammation. Inflammation can be in your lungs, joints, muscles, etc. I was on it for years, and it caused me to have severe osteoporosis when I was 40!!! But I still take it happily whenever I have severe chest congestion. It will remove the inflammation SO THAT the antibiotic can do it's job.

    I have sweet potatoes calling my name in the kitchen. Butter, brown sugar, and lots of "Mmmmmm" sounds.

    1. lotta joy,
      I knew that osteoporosis would occur, but not the rest.

      Butter and brown sugar on your sweet potatoes? Oh no! You're ruining them. Exbf and I ate silently for a long time when we had meatloaf, cooked cabbage, and sweet potatoes. I am going in to eat leftovers for dinner. "mmmm" sounds here, too.

    2. butter ,brown sugar and a little cinnamon ...MMMMMM delish :)

    3. Cindy, Cindy, Cindy,
      Nooooo, they are sweet enough and creamy...okay, maybe you don't think so. sigh I just ate one cold and unembellished. lol

  6. My mother told this about sweet potatoes. She said that it was often the after school snack when she and her brothers and sisters would come in from school. Her mother would bake them in their jackets and the children would peel and eat them as if they were a banana....sometimes adding a little butter. Mother said that her brothers would take three. One to eat on their way out to the barn to milk and the other two to use as hand warmers while out doing their after school chores. This is also my favorite way to eat them!

    1. Janet,
      What a wonderful story. Those boys got a great nutritious snack. I would ask for a sweet potato to take out in bitter weather. I would just walk around with the hot sweet potato and eat it from one end without peeling. I think Mama thought it was strange, but when I explained what I wanted, she wrapped a hot-from-the-oven sweet potato in a dish towel and I wandered alone in the yard while I ate.

      Nowadays, your boys like your brothers would probably want something out of a box, full of sugar.

      I don't eat them out of hand

  7. How do you store your sweet potatoes? I tried to keep a bunch in a cool room last year after buying them on sale and they started going bad. I cooked them and gave them to the chickens so it wasn't a total waste. But I'd like to keep them longer.

    1. Patti,
      You may have gotten them on sale because they were getting old. I answered your question on the next post.


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