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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Completed Project; Another Started

For Spring 2014

left planted a month ago
right planted today
The bulbs on the right were deprived of soil and sunshine. But, spider lily bulbs must be hardy.

two more pots planted today

I decided the  dying Hosta could play host to the little bulb on the left.

The four on the right emerged while closed in a plastic bag.

It seems I must have buried one....hmmm.
There were five in the last picture.
Somewhere, there is another Hosta playing host to another spider lily bulb. There is no picture, somehow. Altogether, I have four full pots of spider lilies plus two tucked into two different Hosta pots. I will remove those two in the spring, maybe.
Operation Christmas Child 2014
Yes, I have started on next year's boxes.
I bought two packages.

six activity books x 2 = 12 books

It appears I bought these this season. Or, maybe last year. But, I would not buy full-price things. Whatever. At any rate, these are $0.16/each. Little grandchildren will get four, one of each style for each child. That leaves 8 for next OCC.
I purchased three Monster High Cups. Two are for my little grandchildren. One is for Operation Christmas Child.

Someone gave me about a dozen of these bags. I have nine left for OCC. Making tote bags would be better, but these will work if I don't get around to it. If I fill a dozen shoe boxes again, I will only need three more tote bags.
Why do I think these will be okay for a Shoebox? Every child loves to have something to contain his or her things. These won't take up much room. We all like to be able to contain our things to carry or keep safe.
Then, I ate too many chocolate covered cherries...groan.  In a few minutes, I am going to get my free chicken sandwich.
Today was the first day I have had energy and breath to do anything even though I have done things other days. I got more of the dishwasher emptied and will put chicken in the oven along with sweet potatoes.
Your turn
Is anyone still planting bulbs? How far have you gotten with OCC?



  1. Woo hoo. And hooray for returning energy.
    I have just re-emerged from bed today (at 2.30) but yesterday was both busy and fraught and insomnia has had me in a strangle hold so I don't feel (very) guilty.
    Love the spider lilies. I am planting tuberose begonias.

    1. EC,
      I was beginning to wonder if I had something serious with the shortness of breath, like maybe heart disease! It has been six weeks since I felt this good. If I have trouble sleeping, my goal is to get proper hours of sleep, never mind when people think I should sleep. THEN, I have to not get in the habit of sleeping half the day and staying up at night.

      I have other bulbs I bought, but will do that maybe tomorrow. Of course, the spider lilies came from the flower bed, volunteers.

    2. What color begonias? It is your spring now, right?

    3. Spring is almost gone, and we are lurching into what promises to be a long, hot summer.
      I picked up the begonias at a trash n treasure market on the weekend. Doubles all - red, deep pink and a white tinged with pink.

  2. I'm glad your energy is returning and that you are breathing better!

    1. Jason and Michelle,
      Me too. I don't get winded walking to the mailbox or to feed the hens. Thanks.

  3. It's good to hear you are getting better. I can't wait to see how the plants turn out next spring.

    1. Sue,
      Much better but head congestion seems worse. These won't bloom until late summer/early fall. In the spring, I may sow some sort of flower seed on the bare soil, just because.


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