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Friday, November 22, 2013

Grocery Bargains Without Coupons

bananas $0.29/lb. x 3 lb.
Pomegranates $0.99 x 2

Campbell's creamed soups $0.65 x 4
pineapples $0.99 x 2
Dole Pineapple $0.99 x2
Actually, one of these is regularly that price. The other is $1.38. I don't know which is which now.

Quaker Oats 42 oz. $1.79 x 4
Folks, this is the big box!

Kraft Cheeses $1.49 x 8
This was a great week for bargains. If I get a small check I am expecting, I will go back and get more of everything. The hens eat my oats. I don't use many cream soups, maybe a 8 cans each year with most used during the holidays coming up. You can see I started on the cheese. The bananas are for fruit salad like we had at home, growing up. Yes, I like Jello. I love pineapple and Miracle Whip sandwiches, too. Canned pineapple is for sandwiches. Fresh is for eating minus MW.
Why no coupons? Because I have coupons for every one of these except bananas and pomegranates and cannot find them. Still, I got good deals.
Shelf price  $58.67
Sale price  $25.31
Savings  $33.36
58.67 - $25.31=33.36 
Percent saved 57%
My personal best is 86% of regular price.
Your turn
Have you found that this week was a good week for bargains? What did you get? What is your personal best for percentage saved?


  1. They are excellent bargains. And no, this week was an expensive one. Not so much on the grocery front, but on things and people breaking and needing repair and/or treatment.

    1. EC,
      Thanks. I get the people and things needing attention and costing money. Maybe spending will slow down for you.

  2. We only eat organics--they RARELY have them on sale. I did see the organic whipping cream 2/$5 . but of course, they were out. I guess with Thanksgiving coming up, everyone is stocking up on that for pie!
    Glad all went well with your surgery!
    Take care

    1. Sue,
      I suppose I should eat organics. I saw organic whipping cream, but I don't use any whipping cream for my Thanksgiving.

      Thanks. I feel fine today.

  3. That is savvy shopping! I try to stick to organics too. Not 100% because it's soooo expensive, but either buy locally grown or organic whenever possible. Awesome deal on the cheese, though. :-D

  4. Sue,
    I try to be savvy. I have this feeling that many of the organic fruits and vegetables are not really organic. I am going back by Tuesday and get more of the chunks. New ads come out on Tuesday. Thanks. The Italian Five Cheese lasts longer around here than the chunks. I love cheese. I should learn to make cheese.

    1. Hi, again. I just got back from a grocery run and thought of you almost the whole time. lol And The first thing I realized was that I buy sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes aren't local. I just wanted to correct what I said previously about buying local. :-) Is your food subsidized? We would not see those low prices here.

    2. I don't know about subsidized. I do go to the farm to buy them. Sweet potatoes are not that cheap in the grocery store. Right now, they are about $0.39/lb. on sale. The store proudly states on numerous signs that these are Mississippi sweet potatoes. In case you are not familiar, that state is right next to Alabama.

  5. This is a good time of year that I always stock up on canned green beans. Since I live a good distance from a store that has good sales, I am able to price match with the ad at our small town walmart.

  6. Pstti,
    Same here. I can price-match in my small-town using prices from larger towns that are an hour away. I love that. I love green beans! Any cheap brand works for me. I hope next year I can more, including green beans.

    1. Patti,
      I am typing without my glasses!


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