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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Stressful and Long Sunday

Forgive composition and spelling.

Early Saturday night, 8 pm or so--went to bed.
3:30 am Sunday-awoke and stayed up
5:30 am--went to Walmart to get milk since I had been without for four days, just could not remember to get it.

12 noon--went to doctor that is open when doctors are not. It is not ER type place, just a regular doctors' office.

The doctor examined me, had x-rays made of my sinuses and chest and gave me prescriptions for Prednisone and Levaquin.
12:30--out the door of doctor's office.
12:35--at WM

too many people at the pharmacy, so I did other things I needed to do.

My daughter sent pictures of her daughter to my cell phone. I can never see a picture she sends, so I went to Electronics to have them help me. I waited 30 minutes while the woman helped a guy buy cell phones for his girlfriend and auntie. He and I talked.

Finally, the clerk could help me. I could barely talk, I was coughing. My lips are blistered from the fever. She called ATT and got help. Finally, she had to go to break at 4:00. I went to pharmacy and got meds. I returned a minute too late, and the clerk was helping someone else after her break. She turned to a second clerk and told her to help me.

Since the first clerk knew what I was doing and what she had done and needed to do, I did not want to explain things I did not understand about texting pictures. I said, "Does she know what she needs to do?" The first clerk said, "Oh, yes. She can do it for you." The second clerk looked angry. I said, "I know she can do whatever needs to be done, but does she know what you have done and what you decided?'

First clerk said, "Oh, yeah" She turned to explain it to second clerk--where we were in the process, not how to do it.

Second clerk was furious as we went to Photo place. I explained that I just did not know what was going on enough to explain it to her. Second clerk said, "Oh, that is what happens to me all the time. People take one look at my face and think I am dumb, think I am stupid!" I was thunderstruck. She, an Asian woman just accused me of being an racist.

She continued her rant amongst the photo lab people and let  a few customers know I judged her by her appearance--her face. Finally, I said, "Give me my phone back. I don't have to put up with you." She kept my phone and kept talking about me. I stretched out my hand and raised my voice, "GIVE me my phone, now!" She slapped it into my hand and I headed back to electronics.

She tried to race me there and stupid woman tried to get in front of the electric cart and squeezed through a tiny place. I really whacked her in the leg as she stepped in front of me! No, I did not mean to.

I went back to the first clerk to ask her when she would be there on Monday, that I would come back. Since she was busy, I went around the counter to look at something. The second clerk was squatting down, getting something for a customer. She made a loud remark about my running into her. I told her she jumped in front of the cart in motion. She said, "You have a way to stop the cart if you did not want to hit me." All these customers heard this slight, cute Asian woman accuse the old lady in the electric cart of hitting her on purpose. I was FURIOUS!

I went back to the first clerk, interrupted her in my squeaky voice and told her that I needed to go home, she was getting off soon, and that the second clerk was accusing me of being a racist.

Luckily, the manager over several departments was at the store on Sunday.  I repeated all the above to her. She was angry. Like I told her, I am not a racist and anyone who knows me would never accuse me of that.

Okay, at 5:30 I remembered I did not get oj, so went and got it and left, drained.

I had drunk a sample of hot tea at WM, only because I needed hot and steamy for my head right then. How do people drink hot tea? That stuff is nasty. But, it worked on my head. I cannot blow my nose with any results, so I was sucking it down the back and got really choked when talking to exbf. He was just horrified I was so ill.

I knew the house was cold and I needed to eat. I was not hungry much. But, I ate at Five Guys, not a place I can really afford.

THEN, I got home and discovered I only had been given 5 levaquin pills. So, this means in three weeks this will all return since I will never get rid of it this way. I went to bed at 8 m, I think. Anyway, my bedroom was so cold I could not go to sleep, even with a melatonin in me.

Raccoon update

Last night, I got the hens securely inside the pen. I managed to move the trap to the picnic table and laid the pipe beside it. It immediately became dark and I was loathe to stumble around out there. Raccoons can attack when food is denied.

Today, I let the hens out and came in. When I got ready to leave before noon, I put them back in. When I got to the pen, I only saw Patsy Cline. Then, I noticed there were many chicken feathers all over the pen. The first feather I saw was 7" long. I was so frightened that the raccoon killed Thelma. While I stood with my mouth open and head spinning, Thelma came running up. She is missing her tail feathers AGAIN.

Exbf said they were probably stressed after last night and she or Patsy Cline picked feathers. I have told him so much about chickens that he really understands chickens. He knew absolutely nothing four years ago and made assumptions. Or, he asked lots of questions.

Since I got home after dark today, the poor babies went to bed hungry. Well, that is better than being raccoon dinner.

I have read that raccoons are clever about getting locks open. The gate to the pen is just a u-shaped piece of metal that drops down. I am going to get a padlock for the gate, hang the key next to the lock, and trust raccoons do not know how to use a lock and key. I want the key right there so we can get in and out without having to go inside to get a key.

Today has been long and stressful, so I should have no trouble sleeping. But, I am having trouble.

So, now I am off the WM to buy a saline solution. All the coughing after attempts at head clearing plus the fast heartbeat are making me miserable on top of no sleep and stress. First, a piping cup of chicken broth.

Your turn
Want to come over and join the fun?


  1. I wish I lived closer.
    1. My boys could help you with your phone
    2. Take care of the raccoon
    3. Go to wm and be obnoxious as only they can be as I play the ignorant mom....

  2. I am so so sorry - and wish I could help.

    1. EC,
      Thanks. I wish you could, too. lol I suppose I need my mother.

  3. Michelle,
    That's a good plan! When I went to ATT two years ago and asked them to help me, the manager told me that they don't do that, that I should go home and figure it out. Corporate was really angry. I called my daughter and told her to send the pictures to my email. And, to always send to my email, not my phone.

    Tomorrow, I will get the trap baited and can manage to move it near the pen. I hate that the hens might have to have a trapped raccoon close to them. It will really frighten both.

    People who work at WM are either really nice or obnoxious, mostly about my needing help because of disability.

  4. I hate Walmart. I don't use such a strong word very often, but Walmart totally deserves it, in my opinion.

    I don't know how health care works down where you live, but here when one goes to a Dr. that isn't your regular, he/she often gives just enough medication to hold you over until you see your regular GP. I don't know if that's why your prescription was for only 5 pills, but it is a possibility.

    Sorry to hear you are feeling so miserable.

    1. Sue,
      I would have objected while in the doctor's office if I had realized I only had five days of medicine. The congestion won't be gone in five days! "Miserable" is an understatement at the moment. It is not my favorite place to go, but it was open on Sunday and had carts so I would not have to walk or stand.

    2. I understand. Sometimes it is the only place in town to go. Walmart is the only store here that carries the yarn I like in the size I like. So, yes, there are times when we have to grace their doors. ;-)

    3. Sue,
      More and more often, I go to WM because I cannot function in the other stores. Like you say, sometimes it is the only place that carries what I want.


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