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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Christmas Boxes

8 AA and 8 AAA

Peelie for $10 Walmart gift card
$13.69-$10.00=$3.69 for 16 batteries
If I had kept the Energizer coupon I gave away to a friend who buys for a food bank, I would have paid even less than $3.69 for 16 batteries. Okay, I paid $13.69 today, but I will get $10 of that back as a gift card. That is three gallons of milk. Can I say 6 weeks of free milk? Sure, I can.
This deal is only at Walmart. But, each address can get four (4) gift cards. I may know what I will give older grandchildren for birthdays this year--batteries. Yes, I would do that--socks and batteries.
Find your Energizer coupons, figure out what sizes you need, and roll on down to Walmart for a money saving deal. Peelies are good on C, D, and others that I cannot remember. I've tossed the peelies. Sorry.
Hurry,  because this may end on December 31, 2013. Not true. look below. Sorry, I tossed the peelie. Even without a coupon, this is still an awesome deal.
Update on Deadline  and size batteries:
The deadline for entering codes is 8/14/14. Sizes eligible are "AA/AAA--8, C/D--4, 9V--2 or any combination of the above sizes." You must buy two packs.
I did see the peelie on packages of AAA-16, so I suppose it is eligible, too. If the peelie is there, I would think the peelie code would work. This deal is for people 18, (19+  in AL and NE residents.) It appears this deal is also in Sam's Club.
Your turn
Do you have a Walmart near you? Would you shop Walmart to get this deal? Do you, children, grandchildren or family use lots of batteries? Come on back here and tell me what your batteries cost using this deal. 


  1. Well done. I've never heard of this before.


    1. I will put the website in the post. Churches often take part in this.

  2. Replies
    1. I begged the shoeboxes a few at a time. The 10 identical boxes were on site. But, if you cannot find boxes, last year the brochure stated a plastic shoe box would work. I bought three last year, and I still spent very little and filled the boxes.

  3. What an absolutely brilliant idea. I have never heard of it - the closest I have seen is Christmas Trees in big stores under which you put a wrapped present.
    And a friend at an organisation I volunteer with collects gifts to give women and children in refuges. I contribute there - but it costs considerably more than a dollar. I need to get organised and collect all year round.

    1. EC,
      I don't know if this is in AU or not. You know, I see high dollar gifts marked down or gifts I just cannot use and very reasonable clearance prices. Those are good for the boxes or as you say, for women and children. Good luck with your collecting.

  4. Great job! You will have to share where you found all the great deals!

  5. Lisa,
    Walmart, CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreen's, Office Max, thrift stores, and yard sales. The cards are from a yard sale. I never buy ugly ones, musty ones, or damaged ones. Now, I will buy a box of cards for a quarter even if some have been addressed. I can use the rest. Sometimes, I buy more envelopes than cards because I know someday I will not have enough envelopes.

    I also got things from the $ stores--Dollar General, Fred's, Family Dollar. I never go to Dollar Tree because their merchandise is mostly junk, at least for the kind of things I can get for less that is marked down at another store.

    Hopefully, this will help. Also, groceries mark things down. Mostly, I find deals in sales of seasonal merchandise. Valentine's and Halloween sales are okay for these gifts. Think about it--if the people are a third world country, will the children even be aware of our numerous holidays in the forms we celebrate?

    I just started buy for next year's Christmas Child Boxes.

    The little stencils were the last left, so I did not get enough. But, for $0.24, I was not going to pass them up. Often at yard sales there are full packs of items. I am not fussy where I buy things.

    The free t-shirts were in a free box. One had the name of a school on it; the other had a utility company name on it. Next time I run across free new t-shirts, I will take more for this purpose.

    Goodwill often has whole boxes of merchandise still in the original packaging.

    1. Lisa,
      I used store sales and coupons for the first four items.


    I have never heard of this program. I will keep my eyes open for items that might be a box next year.

    I noticed that in the link you provided they requested that you include a donation to handle the shipping. I assume that the restaurant where you take your donation is covering those charges????

    1. Janet,
      Last year, I mentioned it and the fast food place did not seem to be aware of the money part. This year, I handed in the boxes without mention of money. Money is supposed to be in the boxes. A shipping container of shoe boxes will not be as much as $7/box. If anyone demanded that, I would take my boxes home and give them out elsewhere. You know I don't have $84 to put in those boxes.

      Thanks for bringing that up.

  7. Linda,

    I don't believe anyone in my area is doing such a program, but then, we have very few children here. "The Christmas Mother" handles the donations and gifts to the children who are in need.
    I really want to commend you. These are not only completed way under budget but they are likely to be one of the best childhood Christmas memories for anyone ! Linda, this is a job incredibly well done. I am in awe !

    1. Jane,
      The boxes are done so that they may be shipped overseas. Maybe some go to desolate places like reservations, but I don't think so.

      Thank you, Jane. Exbf was speechless when I recounted the cost to him. I try hard.

  8. Linda, you are a saint not only to make so many children happy, but to think about doing it all year. I have never been able to fill a shoe box for less than a dollar ... EVER! Maybe I thought about it too hard or too late. You are a fine example of thoughtfulness.

    1. Sue,
      I don't have enough money to make the grand gestures that some people can. All year, I see these sales and sometimes buy. So, buying more with the prices I find takes little money. You probably thought about it too late. I will remind everyone this coming year. I do try to be thoughtful! Thanks.

  9. That is AWESOME!!! We do not have the operation shoebox in our area (that I am aware) but we do have various churches that will allow you to adopt a child for Christmas. I think we are going to do that this year in our church.

  10. Rachel,
    I think that if you investigate, you will find a church in your town sponsoring this collection. You can make plans for next year. That's great to adopt a child for Christmas.


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