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Monday, November 11, 2013

1000th Post; Daughter, Brother, A Giveaway

My daughter
the baby
born in 1975
Before anything else, who does this look like, someone on a blog? This is not the best likeness of the other person, but the only one I have on the computer. She looks like me, sort of, but I am not sure how I had a blonde. The longer hair is obviously been colored. She has been coloring her hair since she was thirteen. At least now it is not purple or red. She was living in a family of extreme blondes and dark chestnut brunettes and she was a dishwater blonde, so she adapted with the help of CVS. Usually, it is redder than this.
My Brother's Birthday
born November 11, 1947; died December 12, 2001
Gary was exactly 14 months younger than I.
1000th Post
That is a lot of posts! I have been blogging for 3 years and 3 months. We can celebrate with a giveaway.
It's time to gather Christmas presents. So, I will give something that will be great for a present. Or, you can keep it for yourself. I have been debating as to how to work this. I can go two ways. First, I can do like Sluggy at Don't Read This; It's Boring and add something each week and make the drawing weeks away. Or, I can make several drawings, each with a short life.
I think I will go with many drawings so more than one person can win. Plus, I don't know how my chances for free mailing will work out. We will see. When I am told to mail, I mail! I will never shorten the time limit, and if I extend the limit, I will add one or more items to the giveaway. How will that work for you?
Remember, I received this for hosting a giveaway and blogging about Bear Grylls.
First drawing:
Bear Grylls paracord bracelet
$24.95 value

You must be a follower to enter. If you get someone else to follow me, you get an extra entry. But, that person must tell me or you must. You can enter once each day. If you blog about the giveaway, you will get three more entries. Leave an entry with a link of your blog where you announce this giveaway. Okay, that is one entry per day with the possibility of three extra ones one day, and as many more entries as you get people to follow my blog. Clear?
Entry chances:
1 entry if you are or become a follower.
1 entry for each person you convince to follow my blog.
3 entries if put the giveaway on your blog.
This will run through November 18th at midnight. If there are not at least ten entries, I will not draw. Oh, I might add something else and extend the deadline. But, hurry to enter now.
There is no one that I give Christmas gifts to that would care at all about this bracelet or even appreciate it!
Is this confusing? Just ask me in a comment.
Your turn
In your entry today, tell me what else would you like to see as a prize--box full of soap, shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste? School supplies?
How long have you been blogging?
Have you figured out who might look like my daughter?


  1. Your daughter is beautiful and looks familiar - but I can't place it. I will stop thinking about it in the hopes it comes to me.
    I am not a Bear G fan, so would pass on that one.
    I have been blogging since early 2011 and am an addict. Nowhere near 1000 posts though. Congratulations.

    1. C,
      She was a strange looking child. She looked like no one in the family! One day, she saw pictures of me when I was eight and she was shocked that we looked alike. So was I.

      This sort of sneaked up on me. So, I thought I would advertise the fact. Thanks.

    2. EC,
      You could try to win it to give away for Christmas to someone who would appreciate it.

  2. I think school supplies would be nice because they can be donated to charity, but please don't enter me in the drawing. I'll let someone else win this time. Your daughter is very pretty, but I don't know who she looks like. You beat me to 1,000 posts. I think my current post is 997.


    1. Janie,
      I do have school supplies. Thanks, I sort of like her looks, too. You can be at 1000 in a week.

    2. I changed my mind. I'm entering. I can use a Christmas present to give to someone else.

  3. Your daughter is very pretty.
    Rest in peace, Gary.
    1,000 posts in 3 years! That's amazing. I've been blogging for 5 and have just over 200 posts.

    1. Sue,
      The reply to this comment is waaay down the line. Why? I don't know.

  4. Congrats on the 1,000 posts. I have been blogging since 2000. First on blogspot, then wordpress, and then back to blogger. Love blogging and my blog neighbors. I shared your post on my Hidden Haven facebook page in hopes it will bring some new followers over.

    1. Peggy,
      Thanks for telling people. I love blogging, too. I saw your complaints about popup ads on BlogSpot. That never happens. Something else must be going on at your place.

  5. Sue,
    Thanks. Thank you for the sentiment for my little brother. He was never at peace when he was alive.

    Maybe your posts are better than mine, lol. I hope most of the posts have not been just drivel. Okay, I am on to he next 1000. But, you have been slowed by the stroke, right? Do you type with one hand? If so, I think your posting record is excellent.

    1. Yes, I type with one hand now. Thanks for that sentiment, but it's not really the reason. I am just slow by nature. lol Onward to the 1,000 posts! :-)

  6. I would like to see a cash deposit made to my bank account.

    I've been blogging for 14 years.

    She looks like a cross between you and the milkman: Knowing your ex-husband, it would serve him right.

    And I'm not going to take a gift away from any of your other readers since you are all I want under my xmas tree. (wrapped up with a bottle of Jack Daniels)

    1. lotta joy,
      So would I like a cash deposit. Wow, that is a long time. I wonder if I will be blogging that long.

      Ack! I would never do that, not even to spite him. He deserves much worse. I have a rich fantasy like about what he deserves.

      I would rather be wrapped up and under the tree of some guy as nice as Joe. I will wrap a bottle of Jack Daniels for you.

  7. Your daughter resembles a prettier version of a young Vanna White.

    I do not log, as I find most things computer related very vexing. If I could simply turn it on, type and send, I might have much to say, though. Most of my blog reading us done from my e-reader. If I could command a blog from this, complete with photos, I would...but haven't the patience to figure out how!
    I do not want the gift, but congratulations on 1000 posts! I really enjoy your blog.

    1. Meg,
      Thank you. I think she is pretty special in all ways.

      Actually, learning to blog is not hard.(okay, it took me three years to realize there was page with comments, so I just searched all the posts for two weeks.) I have no idea what an e-reader can do! Thanks so much. Thanks.

  8. Well if your gorgeous daughter doesn't look like any in the family, perhaps the UPS man was making a few too many deliveries to your house around At least that's what Hubs and I joke about when one of your kids don't something stupid because when they do, they can't POSSIBLY belong to least that's what HE thinks!LOLZ

    When you figure out what giveaway items works to draw the masses to your blog Please!, let me know too! 8-) I've been trying to figure that out myself for years.
    I started the predecessor to my current blog in 5/06 and started the current blog in 1/09 and it's up to 2143 posts. Looks like you talk almost as much as I do! hehehe
    Congrats on your 1000th post!!

    1. Sluggy,
      Oh, the ex would jump right on that accusation. I got it often enough when I was doing nothing at all, ever. My children never did anything as stupid as the things he did. They were children and would laugh at his idiocy. That's sad.

      I have gotten more rejections today than entrants. Some days I am shocked at how few people sign up for your giveaways. I think lotta joy got it right. People want money.

      I thought I talked a lot, but you do have me beat. Thanks!

  9. Congratulations on your thousandth blog post ! It's quite a achievement. You have a lovely looking family too !

    1. Jane,
      Thank you. Somedays, it was hard; some days, not so hard. I think my family is lovely, too. I think that was taken by her bf, it is the right time when she started dating him, and it just looks like "love."

  10. A camera too? You are really celebrating and making the blog neighborhood happy!! Off to post the extra prize on facebook!

  11. Linda, you have 1000 posts! Way to go!!!!! I have been blogging almost 2 years and I have only a hundred something :/ Your daughter is pretty, I think she looks a little bit like her mamma.

    1. Kelley,
      Thanks! Maybe 100 posts is just right for you. It took me a while to get going and realize my potential. However, my writing suffers when I blog. Thanks, she does look something like me, but the other daughter looks identical to me. Thank you, but they are the pretty ones. Thanks!

  12. I would love a box of school supplies to give out to my students at the school where I work as a cook. I've been blogging on and off for 4 years. I don't know who your daughter looks like...but she has a great smile.

    1. Lynda,
      That can be arranged! Kids always love the cooks at school. That smile was a winner from the time she learned to smile. Someday, when I get another picture of her up, I will reveal who she resembles.

  13. Hi Linda...I don't blog, but I am hooked on yours, winning anything would be a thrill. Carol

  14. I just found your blog! :) Your daughter is very pretty! I have been blogging for almost 5 and on. Some months I blog almost every day, others not so much. School type supplies would be great for a giveaway item. :)


  15. I would love the camera and paracord. Thank you for the opportunity !

    1. lisa pfab,
      I have already drawn and have a winner. But, I am going to post a giveaway in the next few weeks. Thanks for entering.


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