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Monday, November 4, 2013

Daylight Raccoons; Me; Mystery Shop

This morning, I awoke at 8 am, went out at 8:30 am to let the chickens out. I put oats in their pen and left the door open. Halfway back to the other side of the house, I heard something and saw something. A raccoon was leaving my yard and scurrying up the fence on that side of the house. Later, I went out again and saw the same, I suppose, raccoon. Rushing back to their pen, I shut the door. The hens did not get let out until 12:30 when I heard rustling overhead in my house.

I doubt these raccoons are rabid or sick. They/it looks like a very young raccoon, most likely confused about daylight now that mama has let it out of her sight.

Last night, I still could not sleep. Coughing kept me awake. Sinus drainage made me cough. Ocean nasal spray made my sinuses drain. Vicks on my soles did not help. So, I am exhausted. It is difficult to take meds when several must be taken on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. So, thyroid med takes precedence.

I emailed my mystery shop director that I could do one shop today and another tomorrow. He wrote me back and said he rescheduled both for Nov. 9, Saturday. So, that relief will afford me a chance to sleep or rest, maybe just stay off the highway. Three hours a night is not good.

Sleeping with raccoons out in daylight makes me nervous. So, I will leave the house, go to pharmacy and grocery, return, and force myself to stay awake until I can settle them in for the night. Hopefully, the raccoons will sleep in the middle of the day.

Just now, I scored another mystery shop company.


  1. How odd that even a young raccoon doesn't have the innate knowledge that he should be out chicken hunting during the day. I'm so sorry you're ill.


    1. Janie,
      LOL...I am sure he does have that instinct. But, you know how the teens get. So far, out in daytime, lack of fear of me, another day all worries me a bit. This morning, he may not have been chicken hunting. One more strange behavior and I will worry. That is why I did not want to be out after dark, alone, and preparing a trap. These raccoon are accustomed to lights, music, cars, and people. So, they show little fear.

    2. I meant he should NOT be out, but obviously, you read my mind and not my words.

  2. I do hope that your health improves.
    And congratulations on scoring another mystery shop company. I hope the products are fun - and the service great.

    1. EC,
      I am getting better every hour today. Thanks. I think I get paid $25 to go listen to some sort of health talk. It won't be much fun, but it pays well.


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