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Monday, November 18, 2013

Good Friends Are Like Bras

Good friends are like bras,
Supportive, never
leave you
hanging, make
you look good
and are always
close to your heart.
I bought six note cards reduced, the whole pack, for 10 cents. This is how I can afford to do the things I do. Since I bought several packages of this style and several other styles, I can include these for daughters and dil in their birthday gifts.


  1. Did you write the bra part of this post? I wonder what the male counterpart would be...

    You done good on those note cards. If there had been 300 for that price, I might have bought them all. The curse of frugality--for me anyway--is that I sometimes go overboard. For example, I have boxes of 30 year old slacks and shirts that I bought on sale--thinking that I would start dressing nicer--but since I mostly wear shorts and t-shirts (jeans when it's really cold), I've never worn them, and now, alas, the pants, at least, are a bit tight.

    1. Snowbrush,
      No, I did not. That was the sentiment on the card. I would have bought more, but did not have the money. Of course, reselling them would be a great idea. Wearing a jock strap next to your valuables would have to be part of the male version. ???

      I have never bought clothes like you did. However, I bought 65% silk 35% cotton sweaters that were $85 and clearance at something like $17. A friend jeered, asking me if I didn't think I had gone overboard. Okay, I bought 6 sweaters in red and 2 in black. "No, those are timeless and colors I will always wear. They were long with no buttons or cuffs or collars or any detail to tell a person what decade they were purchased.

      Maybe you could sell them or donate them. Or, my ploy would be to keep them because at some point as you grow older, you will probably lose weight.

    2. Linda, I'm laughing ....what about those purple T-shirts? Didn't you say you had bought several at a really, really low, low price??? HA HA!

    3. Janet,
      That's different. I am wearing those every week while Snowbrush has them stored in boxes. It was 8 purple sweatshirts for $1 each. However, I think maybe they are periwinkle blue. That's purple to me!

    4. "as you grow older, you will probably lose weight."

      Cancer would do it too, so I had better keep them just to be on the safe side--ha.

    5. Snowbrush,
      Well, there is cancer, too. However, I will try not to depend on cancer as my weight loss plan. You have had those pants for thirty years, so what is another thirty years. Hang onto them.

  2. My elastic is stretched out and useless, and the underwire pokes me and hurts. And I can never wait to get rid of it so I can go to bed.

    Yes. Yes, friends ARE a lot like bras.

    1. I love your friend comparison. Some friends are I never wear a bra unless I am being paid to work.

  3. My blogger buddies are all Victoria's Secret's most expensive bras, complete with jewels.


    1. Janie,
      Jewels? Really? If I wore a bra, jewels would be nice.

  4. I hope that my friends will fit better, and for longer than my bras. It is a lovely analogy though.
    And those cards were an excellent buy.

    1. EC,
      Yes, bras get outgrown. Thanks. I keep an eye out for things I can slip in with a gift for my girls. Plus, I use things gotten cheaply. That is the only kind of notecard I use--clearance.


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