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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Yardsale Pots

a quarter each

Last week when the temperature was in the mid seventies, I bought pots to plant flowers and herbs. Yesterday, when  it was in the mid fifties out, I got them out of the trunk of the car. Today, now in the mid thirties, I am thinking about planting.
Each of these pots cost a quarter each. When I said I would take them, they were stacked. So, I bought a stack of plastic pots for $1.75. Seven plastic pots made me happy. They are not pretty, but they will do. Yesterday, when I took them from the trunk of the car, I discovered that two were actually terracotta. Sweet! Look at the two in front, the largest and smallest. Exbf came to see why I was squealing with delight. He was disappointed to see it was just the little pot below.
this little pot is the one in the group picture--cute!
Look at the little one above, the one about 7" tall. I love the design. So, I am especially happy with my really good deal.
Since I am not into self-torture, I won't plant anything today. It's too cold. I just need to muddle along to the next project...when I get warm.
Your turn
Do you ever find pots for your use at yard sales? 


  1. Yard sales, thrift stores... yes indeed. My hubs actually thinks I have a pots/planter addict; I just keep on finding and buying them!

  2. Jennifer,
    You could have a worse addiction! If he ever looks at prices at any store, he may think you are brilliant for spending less money. What do you plant in your pots and planters?


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