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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

One Grocery Price Doubled

DON'T judge

I love chocolate. It doesn't have to be high end. I am no chocolate snob. I want my chocolate cheap. Cheap! However, I do have standards. I am not so parsimonious or stingy to eat nasty chocolate.

Betty Crocker is good and good enough. Yes, my homemade brownies are better. But there is a method to my madness.  Let's get on with this post as I am drooling on the keyboard on my laptop. I paid $0.98 for a pouch of brownie mix. I used the last of three or four I had bought. Since I usually just make a brownie in the cup one at a time in the microwave, this pouch can last for weeks.

As I was in Walmart this week, I decided to get another pouch of Betty Crocker Fudge Brownie. I picked it up and the price caught my attention--$1.98...gulp. The price had doubled. DOUBLED! I put it right back on the shelf.

I don't recall any other item doubling in price at the grocery store?

Tuesday night at my regular grocery store, I had no intention of buying Betty Crocker Fudge Brownies. I went around to see how much it was at this MUCH more expensive store. I could not believe my eyes. It was $1. Only one dollar. Oh, it was marked down from $1.29. There was only one hour until this week's ad expired and I was on a mission and needed to spend four more dollars to save four dollars. I will explain that in another post.

There were no items on sale and I was going to invest in something.  I now have four pouches of brownies, hopefully enough to last me for the rest of the summer.  Don't judge me. This will be so much cheaper than any chocolate treat except for baking from scratch. I know you have a stash of something. Right?

They are kept out of sight, hidden so that when I rummage around and find them, they are a happy surprise. Yes, it is silly to trick me and surprise me. But, if they were in sight, I would mindlessly consume brownies.

Save money. Live better. Huh?

Your turn
Have you found any one grocery item has doubled in price in the last three months? Are you as stunned as I am?


  1. You know, we're lucky to see the brownie mixes on sale here for less than $2.50. They're over $3 regular price. Too rich for me.

    I do buy cake mixes on sale for about $1 a box. Yes, I do bake from scratch, but #4 likes to bake cakes from time to time, usually late in the evening when no one wants to help him. Cake mixes make everyone happy, lol.

    More info please- brownie in a cup? I saw someone pass around a cake in a cup on facebook, then I couldn't find it again afterward.

    1. Wendy,
      The box brownies are probably more. I don't even look. The pouch is good and cheap, not abad combination. They have their place--I can stand long enough to make them.

      I take a cup or cereal bowl and dip about four spoons of brownie mix. Then, I just slop and dash a bit of milk, stir, and microwave one minute. It is not stirred smooth. You may need to microwave longer. I sort of reinvent the wheel each time. Over bake is bad; gooey is good. This is good for a chocolate craving and there are not leftover to tempt.

    2. Thanks. I wanted to give it a try one night when I had a sweet tooth.

    3. It is never the same consistency but always warm and chocolaty.

  2. Oh- forgot to say- Zoodles have doubled in price. Or possibly more. For years I only bought them on sale for 69¢. The last couple of years I've only seen them on sale for 99¢, and I was too stingy to buy them. Then a few weeks ago I saw them advertised for $1.29. Wow. I looked in the grocery store and was shocked to see the regular price is now over $2 a can!!

    Zoodles were a special treat when I was a kid, and one of the first things the Bigs learned to 'cook' when they started babysitting. I miss them. :(

    1. Wendy,
      It hurts! What are Zoodles?

    2. Zoo-zoo-zoo-zoo-zoodles! lol

      It's a Heinz pasta product. They make alphaghetti and scooby doo shapes, a few others I think. For me it was always the zoodles.

  3. I haven't seen anything double in price. I haven't bought that particular brownie mix in a long time, but I think the lowest I ever saw it priced was 1.50. I was shocked by the increase in the cost of milk when I moved from Maryland to Illinois, and then from Illinois to Florida. No matter where I go, it seems that milk is more expensive.


  4. From one chocoholic to another I completely understand. I am impressed that you can make those mixes last all summer. I consider a pan of brownies to be one serving - ha, ha! Take care!

  5. Thrifty Mom,
    All summer is my goal! It may not be reality. I have to admit that the last pouch mix I used was baked all at once and consumed that night . . .all by myself. I am soooo bad some days.


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