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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How To Cut A Hotdog

This post is about waste! I suppose you did not know you need a cheap piece of garbage that is over-priced to do so. Sooo, $9 will get you this.

The child can put the hot dog on the blue piece. Lay the brown dog on the blue piece and hot dog. The hot dog is cut lengthwise and crosswise at the same time, forming small pieces of finger food. Catsup goes in the dog bowl. Oh, my gosh. How have I ever survived without this?

I am not impressed.
The only possible explanation that would justify this purchase would be to encourage a child to eat. But, really, do we want to encourage hot dog eating?

Your turn
What could you do with $9?
I could buy almost enough milk to last me a month.
I could buy oranges, apples and bananas, about 2 dozen pieces of fruit.
In order to have milk, fruit, vegetables, and meat for a week, I could spend this $9 and have all.
$3.49 gallon of milk
$2.50 four pieces of fruit, probably more
$1.00 head of lettuce or other vegetable
$2.00 one lb of meat that is not processed like hot dogs
Sure, I could make a different list, but that is off the top of my head.



  1. I have seen that hotdog slicer and wondered about the red tape the inventor had to wade through in order to get his invention processed.

    I hope it has a warning that it should only be used with adult supervision. Kids aren't as smart as they used to be.

  2. Well isn't that just the cutest thing ever, lol. That must be made for people who don't cook, and therefore have room for crap like that in their cupboards. $9 is a 10kg bag of flour, a can of coffee, or an 8kg bag of chick peas.

    1. Wendy,
      LOL. Can you imagine have to deal with this toy in the cabinets? Yes, you can! They also must not own a butter knife. Not cooking is so true. Real food is where I want to spend my money, too.

      Of course, if a person has more than one child, you just know each child must have one of these.

  3. Oh goodness, haven't you heard? Children under 6 (or is it 16?) shouldn't eat hotdogs- or nuts- because of the choking hazard. While we're at it, be sure they don't eat peanut butter, wheat, or eggs because they may be allergic. And don't forget their booster seats until they're 21!!!

    Seriously, what a waste of money. I bet it was made in China too and will last 2 uses. A few hotdogs a year is not going to kill a kid, but not so many that they require their own appliance!

  4. Kristen,
    i did something with your comment. Please repost your comment.


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