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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Dinner

Of course, you know my Easter meal would be cheap because of my parsimony. I did spend money but not much. 

ham, potato salad, purple hull peas, jello salad

brown eggs dyed with food coloring and vinegar
 Jello Jigglers = a mess
I love the festivity of Jello Egg Jigglers at Easter. However, after a cursory search I could not find the little funnel to pour the Jello into the mold. If you have never seen one of these molds, it has a hinge, opens to release the Jello egg.
This was much messier than usual. I spilled enough to fill another egg. Red Jello was all over the counter, too, before I cleaned it up and then took the picture. There would have been yellow and green eggs, but I was not up to dealing with the mess I was making. So, red it is. Next time I make Jello Jiggler eggs, I will locate the little funnel well ahead of time!
Jello eggs--black cherry
 This meal was only for me. If others were eating, I would have cooked more dishes.
**things bought this week
eggs-free from my hens
Purple Hull peas, frozen--on sale bought two months ago
Jello--sell-by dates of 2011 and 2012, probably on sale
color--been here for several years
**bananas--on sale
apples--store sale, been here for a month
sweet pickle relish--half-price with coupon and sale, last month
dill pickle relish--half-price with coupon and sale, last year
**celery--sale on Friday
celery seed--very old container, still good
**fruit cocktail--full price yesterday!
As you can see, I did not have to purchase much for Easter festivities.
When I grew up, Jello salad was on the table for every holiday in a glass bowl shaped like an apple. So, it does not seem like a holiday unless I have a Jello salad with fruit cocktail, apple, and bananas. Mama always bought black cherry Jello and strawberry Jello, mixed in the bowl. I used the black cherry for the Jello Jiggler eggs and strawberry for the salad.
We always had ham, potato salad, Purple Hull Pea, green beans, and at least 3 or 4 more items. What foods other than chocolate were constants on Easter when you were growing up? The Jigglers are a recent addition just for fun.


  1. It looks not only delicious, but positively parsimonious as well ! I think I will make some jello salad today.

    1. Jane,
      Thanks. Jello salad is so yummy. What do you put in yours?

  2. Isn't it funny how those childhood traditions stick with us and really "make" the holiday? I didn't even know there were egg shaped jello molds!


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