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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Vaccines: Pneumonia and Others

Let's talk about the most important thing, the most valuable thing, to all of us, our health and how vaccines can help us to stay healthy, to ward off cancer.

Let's face it, we get vaccines to keep us healthy. However, saving money is not a bad thing at all. Three vaccines, pneumonia, HPV, and shingles will keep you healthy AND save money on future health care. Unfortunately, no matter how healthy I feel and how young I feel, the press says I am old and more susceptible to certain illnesses than a younger person would be. My only 'conditions' are orthopedic, so far.

Pneumonia vaccine and sinus infections

By the way, not only will you be protected from pneumonia, you will have fewer and less virulent sinus infections and ear infections. Children who have numerous ear infections are helped by the pneumonia vaccine. Do you know a child who suffers ear infections? An adult?

Fortunately, the pneumonia vaccine is only required every five years. I had a pneumonia vaccine in 2008 and another last month. I have had sinus infections and ear infections, but usually I can get rid of the symptoms, even the fever, with home remedies. I have required fewer antibiotics the last five years.

Charlie and exbf both have sinus problems, so they are scheduling a pneumonia vaccine.

My pneumonia vaccine was administered at the Health Dept in 2008. There is no need to schedule an appointment with a doctor and no charge if you are over 60. Now, call the Health Dept first and check the procedure in your area. Drugstores now administer both these shot. So, there is no doctor's office visit. Again, check first to see if it works in your area as it does in mine. Drugstores take insurance as does the nurse sitting in Walmart administering vaccines.

I still have allergies, sinus infections, and ear infections. Now, I spend less money on antibiotics and doctor office visits. Of course, the best part is that I feel better and take fewer antibiotics. Not only have I improved my health, I have improved the status of my wallet.


Let's talk about the HPV vaccine. This is to protect from the Human Papilloma Virus. HPV causes cancer of the cervix. However, any adult activity, even kissing, can cause the virus and subsequent cancer in teens and adults. Throat, tonsil, and other mouth cancers are caused by HPV. Of course, there are other causes. This article from Web MD will shed more light. By the way, condoms will not protect a  person from HPV.

Various places on the Internet, various sources, give the ages for which the HPV vaccine has been approved. Some sources say that the age is as low as nine-years-old and up to twenty-six-years old. Hmmm, I have not kissed all the frogs that may come into my life, so maybe I can still get this.

The Pap smear women have is to determine if there is cancer of the cervix, mostly caused by human papilloma virus.

My eighteen-year-old  grandson is has taken the three vaccines for HPV, and my granddaughter will get them when she turns twelve-years-old.  Yes, just kissing can spread HPV to mouth and throat structures..

Read this from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for more information. Here is more information from Web MD.


Anyone who has had chicken pox still has the virus within the body. It re-emerges as shingles. My friend's mother had shingles on her forehead and became blind. The pain is excruciating. I do not want to experience that pain after friends have described the torture.

Recently, I discovered shingles is contagious! This article gives a great, comprehensive overview of shingles.

Remember, you should not be around babies or pregnant women or women who can get pregnant. There is a great risk of passing chicken pox to certain populations.

We are not going to debate the use of vaccines. I will never get another tetanus vaccine because of horrendous reaction I am my two-year-old had about three years apart. So, I understand fear. I will never have the tetanus vaccine and neither will my daughter.

Bacterial Meningitis

Since I am facing spinal surgery, the thoughts of infection from the surgery terrify me, literally terrifies me! Two weeks ago, the pharmacist administered the vaccine for bacterial meningitis to me.


I have not had the flu since I was a teen--over 50 years ago. Maybe it was not even the  the flu. When I turned sixty, it seemed like I should go ahead and get the vaccine.

Tuberculosis Test

To keep my teaching license current, I must get this done. Anyone can get this done at the Health Department.


It is next.

Like I said, this is not a discussion of the pros and cons of getting vaccines. The post is for the encouragement of those who do believe vaccines have a place in our health care--get your vaccines and have your children immunized. If you are passionately against vaccines, I respect your opinion to rant on your blog and I will rant for them. Okay?

Your turn
Were you aware of the pneumonia vaccine's connection to sinus and ear problems? Have you had a pneumonia vaccine? Were you as shocked I was a few years ago when I read the HPV and throat/mouth cancer connection? If you are over sixty-years-old, have you had your shingles vaccine?


  1. I did not know about the pneumonia vaccine and its connections. I received the pneumonia vaccine for the first time last fall when I got my flu shot. I'm not 60 yet, but I think I'll look into the shingles vaccine because of all the miserable things I've heard about shingles.


  2. NOW THAT YOU MENTION IT: I've always gotten bronchitis every year, but not since I was given the pneumonia shot when I was in the hospital WITH pneumonia. OF course mine was viral, and the shot only protects you from bacterial pneumonia which is not as deadly as the viral type of pneumonia.

    Now, if only I could remember WHEN I was given that shot, because THIS YEAR I had my first case of bronchitis since I got that shot! hmmmmm

    You just might be on to something here....


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