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Thursday, March 14, 2013

How Many Cups In A Pound Of....?

2 cups of dried Lima beans
If you have ever wondered how many cups in a pound of anything sold by the pound, just look here. This site tells how many cups various items are that are sold by the pound but measured by the cup when consumed or cooked. Think: beans, sugar, flour.

We buy dried beans by the pound but measure the beans by the cup when cooking or eating beans. I never measured beans before I cook them, but it is nice to know the yield if I am cooking to add them to a recipe. Anyone storing food long term needs to know how many servings are being stored. Conversely, if a person is using storage and needs so many pounds of fresh apples, that person needs to know how many cups of dried apples will make the pounds required for a recipe.

If I am cooking directly from the pound bag of beans, there is no problem. But, for people into long term food storage, there is no bag each time to reference this information. When baking, I look on the sugar bag if I have not opened it to make sure I have enough for marathon baking. Of course, that bag has usually been emptied into a canister I can seal. Then, I need a chart! You get the idea.

Update: I copied this to a document. copy/select all/copy/paste

Your turn
Don't you love charts like this one?


  1. The people who used to live in my house left some very helpful charts taped inside the kitchen cabinets. So handy!


  2. Thanks so much Linda, This is very helpful.

  3. Jane,
    You are welcome. I copied the chart and saved it to my documents to be printed at a later time.


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