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Monday, March 25, 2013

Oven Temperature Conversion Chart

Sometimes, but not often, I run into a reference to a temperature for the oven that I am not familiar with. I don't want to ruin or waste my food.  So, what to do? I look at this chart that I found somewhere.

Now, I cannot type  below the chart I copied from my documents.  Tell me if you will, do you still read and hear these terms instead of a definite temperature?

Very slow ovenbelow 300 degrees F.
Slow oven300 degrees F.
Moderately slow oven 325 degrees F.
Moderate oven350 degrees F.
Moderately hot oven375 degrees F.
Quick oven375 - 400 degrees F.
Hot oven400-425 degrees F.
Very hot oven 450-475 degrees F.
Extremely hot oven500 degrees F. or more


  1. The range that came with this house we bought had no thermostat. It went from cold to BURNT BLACK FOOD in 15 minutes. Honest.

  2. Very useful chart. Those terms actually make sense to me now that I cook on a wood cookstove. The lower heats mean slower cooking. I'm actually learning how to use my stove and oven as a slow cooker.

  3. Aren't they wood stove/pre electric terms?


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