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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Food: Some Free; Some Cheap

free apples for me  from the chicken box

chicken box with chicken share left in box
There were several avocados and pears that may be okay. Ex bf had already put about the same amount in his car as I have in the bowl. I had him take the best since I will be cutting and cooking my bowlful. These apples I have for my house are barely bruised. His were almost perfect. None were soft! The chickens got the softish ones.

Cheap Food

At the grocery this week, they had a $2 coupon on a gallon of the store brand milk ($3.69). And, I was able to get the limit--2 gallons.  My milk was $1.51/gallon. I used the Internet coupon for their pineapples for $1. Yes, I got the limit of 2 earlier this week. Then, I got my 5% off because I am a senior citizen. Cokes were still $11 for 4 12-packs. That is $3 less than buying the Cokes at WM would be. With a $2 coupon, I paid $.98 for lettuce. I managed to buy a lot of food for a little. I did buy other items. This was on two separate receipts which I did not check for the percentage saved.

Today, I cut the one pineapple that was ripe. It was delicious. Without coupons and sales and senior discount, I could not buy all I do. I really like deals. I love free.
Your turn
What free food have you scored lately? Any good sales?


  1. Linda, I nominated you today for a Liebster Blog award. Please visit my blog Rational Preparedness to learn more about this. Thank you.

  2. Linda, I have updated the information on my blog regarding this. Thanks !

  3. Gosh Linda, Pineapples for $1.00 ? The cheapest I can get a fresh pineapple here is never cheaper than $2.68 on sale. Often, they are much higher. The only thing I really save on now is cokes and diet cokes. When I started to have atrial fibrillation, I had to stop caffeinated drinks. Now I drink water, and if I am out I might have a Sprite. I am saving a fair amount weekly not buying soda anymore. I didn't drink that much, but the each of the kids got into my supply. LOL

  4. Jane,
    Yes, pineapple were $2.98 that day. I just rounded the amount to $1, the amount after the $2 coupon. Saving on anything is good, even Cokes. My Cokes ended up costing me $0.23 each. I just knew the irregular heartbeat 20 years ago was caffeine, so I switched to Diet Coke Caffeine Free. I really seem to drink less lately.

    My children discovered my Diet Cokes years ago!

    Right now, I am going to eat part of my $1 pineapple. If I eat this is four servings, it is only a $0.50 snack!


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