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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cheap and Free Food

bacon, lettuce, tomato sandwich for exbf

As usual, I am all about getting food free or at least cheap. A BLT this time of the year is so refreshing.
Bread: from loaf of whole wheat bread, no preservatives, $1.19
Tomato: free from chicken box on Wednesday
Lettuce: from a head that was $0.99
Bacon: from a BOGO package of bacon
All that is from raw material cost: $4.19
If I purchased all the items at the regular cost, the raw materials would be: $9.19.
I guess you might say this was a half-price sandwich. Even the mustard was cheap. I had bought the bottle of French's mustard several years ago with a double coupon. If I had had a sandwich, the Miracle Whip would have been half-price.
At the Grocery

At one grocery I looked in a refrigerated bin that said "reduced as marked." In there was the Minute Maid Orange Juice for $1.79. I usually pay $2.79. SCORE

At another store the next day, I bought milk again this week for $1.59 per gallon. This was the shopping trip where I needed another $4 worth of purchases to get the deal, and I purchased the brownies in the last post, an item that is sure to rise in price drastically if the Walmart price is any indication.

Chicken Box

Most of the peppers are in the kitchen to dehydrate. Exbf took divided the good tomatoes between us. The hens got ones that were not molded. I have no idea what happened to the potato.

Next few days purchases
White grapes on sale--$1.29/lb
Brown and confectioner's sugar on sale--$0.79
Kraft cheese--$2 for 8 oz
Celery--have to search for lowest price

I cannot wait to eat a BLT today. Yesterday, I was not hungry since I had just had scrambled eggs.

Your turn
Are you finding any good milk coupons? Are the Easter sales good for you this week? Were you the lucky recipient of free food for you, your chickens or other pets?

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