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Monday, March 4, 2013

This and That and a Balloon

Improving social life
We were served spaghetti, salad, and garlic bread. the guys playing in the back have a Peter, Paul, Maryish sound....very pleasant. It is a monthly occassion to catch up with old friends.

Why? What?

Why do I have a broken hen's egg in my back yard? My hen's lay brown eggs. Besides, my hens were locked up.

"Aha, food!"

I waited around to see what Thelma and Lucy would do. They were so excited, ran, jumped right on the the broken egg, helping themselves to breakfast.
Grocery bags

grocery bags to attach to cart
I was stunned when I saw these bags attached to the grocery cart. The couple was very enthusiastic about these bags. The clips attaching them to the cart came with the bags. They bought them from QVC. The husband told me they have two more just like these. Does anyone have these bags or know anyone who does own these?

 Not in my living room

This camo recliner struck me as bizarre when I saw it in a hardware store. I asked the clerk, "Are the wives really okay with this?" He assured me these were only put in hunting cabins. Yeah.....I really believe that.

On a lighter and irrelevant note

I was in Walmart about 1 a.m. and a young  woman approached me, offering me a balloon. Why? She told me they were leftover from the Twilight promotion at midnight. Who knew?

Anyway...I absolutely love a balloon. I remember as a small child no more than three-years-old, somehow we had a package of balloons. It was not a holiday. I think a relative gave them to us. I suppose we bought them or received them from someone. At any rate, my parents blew up lots of them, and I had so much fun. I begged my parents for years, yes, years, to buy another package of balloons. They never did, EVER.

When I go anywhere balloons are being sold or given away, I want a balloon. I need a balloon.  It makes me supremely happy and bouyant to have a balloon, to walk around with a balloon. However, when I leave a circus or zoo or festival, I always hand my balloon to a small child. It just seems right to share my balloon and bring joy. It will just die in the car.

Do you love a balloon or am I still stuck in some part of my childhood?

Your turn
Music, broken eggs, grocery bags, recliners, balloons. Any thoughts?



  1. Someone gave me one of those bags which clip to the inside of the cart, in Home Depot. It's big and orange. It's supposed to allow you to shop, and save having a disposable bag. It also helps you keep small items separate, and helps you to avoid losing things by leaving them in the cart. I took it home, closed it up, put it in a freezer bag, and now I can't find it !

    1. Jane,
      Oh, they can be bought at Home Depot? Another benefit is that items from the grocery would be kept cleaner. I hear how the reusable bags are germy when not washed. However, kids shoes, dogs, and meat probably deposit more germs than an unwashed bag. Yes, I see people bring dogs to the grocery store.

      Yes, I leave things in the cart and do not even pay for them, wondering later why things are not even listed on the receipt.

      Maybe you will find your bag soon. The ones I saw looked really handy. I thought I was the only one who did that!


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