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Monday, February 11, 2013

Yummy Bowl of Soup

except for those red beans!
Remember these home-packed soup mixes? I finally cooked up a pot of bean soup. I just hate those red beans. So, it is packed in two pint freezer bags for exbf next time he comes to help me. The beans I picked out will go to the hens in the morning.

I have been told it does not look like soup. It was cold when I spooned it in the bowl. The directions said to add more water if it got thick. That can be done when it is reheated. In the meantime, this much fit nicely into a pint bag.

There were six bouillon cubes in the mix! I only put one cube because it would be too much sodium. The soup was room temperature when I transferred it to this bowl, so it sort of stands up. I decided to freeze it rather than save it until Friday when he comes here.

Your turn
Does it look good to you? Does anyone have the recipe for this mix? I suppose I could just throw things in the pot.


  1. Yes, that's what I do. Just throw things into the pot. Though to be honest, I did start out with recipes as a young homemaker *cough* a few years ago.

  2. that looks great ..I love thick bean soup.

    1. It's my first bean soup ever. I still have not decided how I feel about it.

  3. This was a gift mix, so that is why I wonder about the spice mix. I have never made or eaten bean soup before.

  4. I thawed out some bean soup today. I throw in ALL kinds of beans, bacon grease, and onions. If I'm feeling wealthy, I'll throw in some coveted sweet red peppers, but who can afford that? Then I separate it into my FOOD SAVER bags, heat seal them, and viola! You'll never starve if you've got beans.

    1. lotta joy,
      I feel like I have to ration some things like red peppers. I dehydrate lots of things so that they will last a long time. I really want a Food Saver to vacuum seal in canning jars.

      I grew up eating lots of beans. Daddy's meals all had to have beans. He grew up during the Depression and thought a meal was not complete without beans. I avoided beans for years, then I decided I missed beans and started eating them again.


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