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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Artificial Sweetener In Milk

Do you want unlabeled sweetener in your milk?  That is, the milk will not have the new ingredient on the label.Milk profits are falling, so there has to be a way to raise profits! Are you trying to avoid aspartame? If the powers that be have their way, you will be consuming aspartame (or another artificial sweetener) and you will be feeding this to your children.

Read this to learn more. How enraged are you?


  1. I read about this yesterday. I don't get it. Why don't they just announce 'milk sales are down so we want to add sweeteners to add to your addictions. We don't want to tell you because we want you to think you're drinking something healthy".

    Seriously- milk sales are down, how about legalizing raw milk? How about not putting all of the milk into one big vat, but sorting and labelling by type of cow? Nature already created flavours that most people don't even know exist. How about a little truth in advertising, and telling the public what aspertame really is? Then advertise milk as aspertame free.

    Crazy. Plain and simple.

  2. WANTING to drink skim milk put me into such a quandary when I compared the labels to whole milk. There's been added sugar in skim milk for years, but aspartame is a killer.

    Due to diabetes, I am one walking aspartame warning poster. It has caused as much damage to me as diabetes.

    1. lotta joy,
      Is there a blog post that describes your damage done by aspartame?

      I don't drink skim milk, so I had no idea there was sugar in it.

  3. Thank you, Wendy!

    You certainly expressed the problem better than I. It just seems so 'normal' to me to dump it all together in one vat. Now, it seems icky. I avoid aspartame mostly, so this is not setting well with me. I don't like a really natural food adulterated. Of course, I suppose I accept adulterations, but I prefer to do it with a informed decision, not eat things sneaked in with no labeling!

    Thanks for the comment and making me think further. I may be looking for raw milk and pasteurizing it myself. I will not drink raw milk.

  4. The Yahoo piece is not quite accurate, according to Snopes:

    1. Donna,
      But but but they cannot put anything that's not true on the internet!

      Thanks. I will investigate this more.

    2. I did find that Snopes said it was TRUE.

      Milk producers say that labelling the flavored milk with turn kids off. However, parents should be able to see the information since they rear the children and make many decisions for children or influence their thinking. Snopes claims that milk producers already do add sweeteners to milk...hmm.

    3. If I read that right- the artificial sweeteners would still be included in the ingredient list on the back of the carton. They just want to change the law requiring 'reduced calorie' or 'diet' on the front of the label. I didn't know there was a law saying they had to label it as such, but so be it.

      Children are opposed to 'diet' milk then? That's the logistics here? Children don't want 'reduced calorie' milk? Me thinks there's something fishy there... Except for the fact that I've got my boys instilled with the notion that aspartame is poison, they really couldn't care less if they're eating/drinking reduced calorie foods. That's bizarre.

      So does Diet pepsi have lower sales in the 0-18 demographic over it's pepsi counterparts? I mean, if you leave both on the table, do more kids choose the regular? And if so, is it the sweeteners? taste? uncool? or do they just grab whatever they're used to drinking at home?

      This debate just gets more and more ridiculous, in my eyes. It's milk. Add cocoa- it's chocolate milk. Who needs all that extra crap?

    4. Wendy,
      Thanks for the comment. I don't know, but I still say consumers and parents need to be told the truth about what is in products, especially ones like milk that we have no reason to expect an additive.

      I do think that children eat what is eaten at home. I saw children every day choose lowfat chocolate milk at school. Some even chose lowfat white milk.

      LOL...I tried to indoctrinate my children about harmful foods. I pointed out how foods did not make the body grow and work right. That worked for a few years, anyway.

    5. lol- yeah, that's true. Last summer I bought a container of garlic powder without reading the label. Seriously- who reads the ingredient list on a spice bottle? Every time Husband used that stuff on his baked potato it stunk, he stunk, the house stunk. I finally read the label to discover soy was the first ingredient!! So, I guess we have to read every label every time. There's no way around it. Who knows what the manufacturers are going to put in the bottle.

    6. Wendy,
      I would expect garlic in garlic salt and nothing else. That is just amazing! If the house stunk worse than garlic, it must have been horrid. I like the stink of garlic. Right--who reads ingredients on a spice bottle, especially a "single spice" bottle. Thanks for that heads up.


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