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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Social Life--You Ran into my CAR!

Remember this?

She ran into my car in a parking lot and is upset I am turning it over to insurance. My motor was turned off.  She said she was hurt more than my car. One of the witnesses told me later she got out of her truck and the truck rolled into me. This guy was putting something in my front seat and actually had head and shoulders in my car when her truck hit my car, sort of tipping my car up. When I got out of  my car, she started screaming and yelling at me! ???

Somebody, promise me you will hurt me if I go near her again. Thanks.

Obviously, I cannot handle the stress of  a spoiled woman with Asperger's. I have tried to be kind. She threw away a $200 gift card that cannot be replaced,  knocked the radio knob off while she threw a holy fit in the front seat because she did not like the air direction, speed, or temperature. It took me four months to find the radio control!

She had followed me to where we were going, tailgating me about 80% of the time. Everytime I stopped, she stood her huge, full-size truck on its nose. I was terrified. Then, she hit my car. I will be the one on medication if I am around her anymore.

Actually, we were both going to the same place. She asked should she ride with me or follow. I told her if she wanted to help with gas, she could ride with me. Otherwise, she could use twice or three times that much and follow. She opted to follow.

Neither my conscience nor my training and profession will allow me to put her in her place.

Sorry this is a Debbie Downer subject, but I am really trying to pull my social life to an acceptable level.

Your turn
Who is volunteering to give me lashes if I set myself up again?


  1. This is why I carry a concealed weapon. I don't allow people to get this close to me, especially after they hit my car. I am not really kidding. You of course, have to handle things as they come up, as best you can, because you are there, and are reading all of the undercurrents and nuances that we cannot. People really can be crazy.

  2. Jane,
    She always says that parents of autistic children stick up for their kids. Those children on the autism spectrum that have Asperger's are just fine until they are crossed. Then, the person dealing with them has to figure out which of their boundaries has been breached.

    This is her fifth rear-ender. The other four were not her fault because the person she hit started off from the light, stopped and made her hit the car....ummm, yes, I have explained the road rules to her. She adamantly disagrees.

    No, she will never get close to me or my car. I am done.

    Last night, after she came back to her apt, I went over and took pictures of her fender and tag. It looked like they had polished out the area where she struck me. But, I have several witnesses and her paint on my car. Of course, CSI is not going to analyze the paint on our cars and use cell phone pings to ascertain the truth for her parents.

    Oh, the reason I did not call the police is that she told me when she was taking the GED test that she started twitching in her eye, then opposite corner of her mouth and eventually was twitching in dozens of places. Plus, she has seizures that are now controlled with medication. I did not want to stress her and cause her to have a wreck since she was about ten miles from home. I was trying to be kind. Let's see where that gets me.

    Thank yu so much, Jane, for realizing I have a better reading of the situation than people so far removed. However, input is much appreciated!

    1. Linda, All anyone can really do, after a negative interaction or a dangerous one is ask questions which can help the person who experienced it, think it out and reassess it, as they recall the details. The person who was present always has superior knowledge of the actual situation.
      It's a lot like a rape situation where people tell the woman what she should have done afterward...If she is alive to tell the story, then she read it right, because she stayed alive ! !

  3. Jane,
    I have a male friend to whom I was relating the incident. He immediately and without giving me a chance to speak, reiterated the "always call the police" idea that I KNOW. However, the police said what I told him--it happened on private property. The only benefit to police presence is to affect her driver's license, not insurance or my ability to get compensation. Since there were witnesses, it is not a matter of my word.

    Input is still good, but he would not think past what I should have done and how dire my chances of getting recompense were...sigh.

    She did not have a wreck she could blame on my upsetting her. That is my bottom line since my car is not too damaged, maybe not at all except form scratches.

    Thanks for your perspective.

  4. She certainly should have taken care of the damage before it became necessary to involve the insurance companies. Just because you have been friends doesn't mean that you have to continue to be friends. Sometimes friendships run their course and it is time to move on.

    1. Janet,
      This relationship has run its course. She has no skills to find other friends or find old friends. I do have those skills and desires. I think former friends will not be friends with her again.

      She also made a face when my friend with a lesbian daughter was telling me about her daughter's partner. And, she made another when my friend's daughter who has three children said she was 22. I will not hang out with a person who lets my friends know how she disapproves of their actions.

      She had three statements she yelled: You KNOW I did not mean to hit your car. Your car is okay. I am hurt worse than you. (I never said I was hurt. But, she said people always claim whiplash the next day when they walk away feeling fine after a wreck.

      She has had five wrecks, so she should know the insurance company will be involved. That part really made her angry.

      Remember, she is autistic. But spoiled.


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