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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Rusty Food Cans and a Cure

"I keep up with dates on food. I watch the state of my cans. " Now, I have to eat crow. There are two shelves in my little food cabinet that I cannot reach. So, where do you think these cans were living?

I do watch out for potential problems. But, these rusty places where three cans sat are about knee high. My back and knee do not like to bend that far. It's easier to struggle to pick up something from the floor. Soooo...

One can started to rust and the other two followed. A swollen green bean can went straight to the trash I wrapped it in plastic and hurried out the side door. . A can of spaghetti barely has rust and has a year left on the use-by date. I forgot what the other can was but it was in date. 

While this is not long term food storage, I did read of a way to prevent rust on cans that I might try some day. The poster I don't remember suggested two things: oil or wax.
Take all the labels off first. Write the type of food and use-by date on can with a marker.

1)Paint melted wax on cans and let dry.
2)wipe food-grade mineral oil on and wipe with off with another cloth.

I often choose food from my shelves by label. Pictures are good or even color so I know that I am in the green vegetable or in the red tomato It is dark in there when I block the light. Plus, there is the ever-present cataract thing. However, oil on the can would be my choice. I would just oil both ends of the can with the label intact. Or, I would remove the label, mark the can, and re-tape the label on the can.

Thankfully, I caught this epidemic before I lost more food. I work a little bit at a time on the project of cleaning off all six shelves and reshuffling. I have been at it a week. Some days, I just get two cans off the shelf.

Your turn
Have you ever found rusty cans on your cabinet shelves? Were they out-of date? What methods do you employ to keep your can from rusting.


  1. I don't remember finding rusty cans, but I have found leaky ones...when the pantry was so cold that things in there froze. The cans must have bulged until they split.

  2. Oooo, frozen cans would be nasty when burst and thawed.

  3. I noticed you have that carton of tomato sauce..I've not tried it is it? easier to store?

    1. Jaciesue,
      I just got the carton. I am sure it is going to taste better than canned tomato sauce. It is the only carton I have, but they will certainly be space saving. I used a coupon for that and found another coupon, but the product is not on the shelf. ???

      I have canned tomato sauce that I need to use first. I am dividing my small store of food into years. I will eat small amount of 2012 food, then 2013. You notice I mark each can/item on top and front. Reading the date is difficult and I discovered I have cataracts!


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