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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Different Kind of Sink

cheap bathroom sink
This bathroom in the Tin Top Antique shop was intriguing. Or, you could say it was cheap, thrifty, or parsimonious. At any rate, Jane is very innovative. The whole bathroom was a delight in creative substitution and re-use. This old-timey washtub has been repurposed as a sink. She built a box as the stand and a place for the pipes to live.

regular drain
The drain in the tub is just like the drain in my kitchen sink. Or, maybe it is like the one in my bathtub. I did not really focus on which kind it was. Notice the faucet. It is made of two faucets. The little twist handle is so tiny and out of proportion to the rest of the faucet that I think it did not originally belong on the faucet. At any rate, I marvelled at the innovation in the bathroom.
right at hand
Have you ever been in a bathroom where you wonder where the toilet paper could be hiding? You have to stretch both ways, looking for the elusive holder. THEN, you sometimes have to risk falling off to reach the roll. Finally, after reaching, you discover it rolls to the back, causing you to have to stretch even farther? There is no need to wonder in the Tin Top bathroom. It is hanging right at hand. There is no back loaded toilet roll. This hung about chest high...yay.
The chain goes clear to the ceiling. As I sat on the commode, I only needed to reach out since this is located to the front and left of the commode. It does not hang in the way of being seated or rising. It is juuuust right.
I think the clamp holds the chain to itself for the loop.
The one thing I did not photograph was the handrail type thing for rising from the commode, sort of like grab bars. Galvanized pipe was attached to the floor. The configuration was like an inverted U with joints making the transition from vertical to horizontal and back to vertical, attached to the floor again. I did not test how sturdily the pipe grab bar was attached to the floor because I did not need it. I trust it is sturdy.
Your turn
Have you ever seen a wash tub plumbed in and used for a sink? I have seen wash tubs filled and dumped for hand washing and larger ones filled and dumped for bathing. But, was a first for me. Would your children use the toilet paper for fun and games? 


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