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Monday, February 18, 2013

Barter Me!

American family Scales

After my friend ran into my car on Saturday, I stopped by Shawn's antique shop. I rarely buy, just talk and look. It was that or eat chocolate. He is between my son and daughter in age and is one of my good friends. I have dropped by the shop several times this month when he was home, ill.
As we were talking, I looked up and saw this American Family Scale far above my head. Shawn took it down and as he did so, I knew it was going to be mine, somehow! It was marked $28, about $28 beyond my capacity to pay. He has had a $40 lamp of mine on consignment for a year or more. I asked if he would trade scale for lamp. He put my scales in a bag.
It is almost accurate, even when adjusted. I bought a new Taylor scale for $8 several months ago. So, now I have two. This pretty one is not so accurate. I will weigh known objects and see how far off it is before I use it when absolute accuracy is important. I have to readjust it every time I weigh anything.
My Taylor scale is plastic and weigh less than a 1 pound. The antique one above weighs about 4 pounds, maybe more.
I really don't need anything else decorative and not useful, so this will have to be useful.
After the day I had with the controversy over the car and truck collision, this was just what I needed.
Your turn
What has been your best barter? Latest barter? Any barter gone wrong? Today, I need good barter stories. Or, maybe I will just eat chocolate!


  1. Great barter! I have two scales too, one like your American but newer. Also a small postal scale that I use for teensy amounts. Perusing antique and thrift shops is a must for folks like us.

  2. Leigh,
    Thanks! I got the new scale to use as a package scale for postage. I needed cheap and sort of accurate. perusing antique stores is almost mandatory for my mental health.


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