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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tin Top Antiques

Meet Jane, the owner
If you are looking for old-timey things, Tin Top Antiques, in Hartselle, AL is the place to go. The prices are not cheap, but she has items to justify the prices. There were affordable things, but I hurt too much to shop.

I asked Jane what some of the items on the stove were. She laughed and said she put thing there to resemble a still. The coiled copper wire is a dead giveaway.

The whole shop was cold except here in front of the stove. I was very pleased to find it cold because hot, stuffy shops are unbearable to me. I could keep on my coat and feel comfortable and breathe. Besides, I hate to peel off coat, scarf, and gloves and then have to carry them around. Jane has a huge shop, very long and worth every minute spent looking or shopping.

She converted a wheel barrow so she could carry wood easily.

Tree from pieces of wood

She has another made from small branches. You may have seen these kinds of trees before, but I have not. It's clever.

edge of table
notice square nails
I was sitting at a table and noticed how old it was. She said this was a door made into a table.
end view of table/door
I was sitting in chair to right
tongue and groove construction with bead
To Be Continued Tomorrow

watch for
A Different Kind of Sink
Your turn
Do you love discovering neat antique shops?  Where is your latest discovery or your favorite?




  1. Don't you envy her strength to haul that wheel barrow? And, I don't like antiques. They remind me that the "thing" outlived the owner.

    1. Lotta joy,
      I know people that don't like antiques, but none have ever given that reason. I never thought of it that way. It just seems like some things ought to outlive us.

      Yes, I do envy her the strength to haul that wheel barrow full of wood. I am not sure how long I would hold out just stacking each piece.

  2. I love those kinds of shops and antique centres here in UK, sadly the prices make most of the stuff out of my reach, I do pick up the odd bargain now and again though from car boot sales or charity (thrift) shops. I used to have a big house where I could put stuff like this but hey ho it's all gone now, so I have to be happy just looking. That's life eh ?

  3. Wean,
    I look in hope of finding something I want, can use, and can afford. However, just looking is entertaining. I am always intrigued by the way things are made and what people used before mass production made things disposable. Life before plastic is interesting. I had lots of room, too. Saturday, I was happy just looking, too.


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