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Friday, February 1, 2013

Converted Grocery Carts

Handy cart

When I cannot afford something, I try to figure out what else will work. I had already bought a cheap, little handtruck to move my lightweight boxes of wares into craft shows.  Someone assured me he could move it all in one load. Even though I objected, my cheap little handtruck/cart was loaded. It collapsed in the parking lot, irreparably damaged.
"I told you so!"
The same person delivered two broken shopping carts to me as a replacement for my new cart he broke. I took both to a welder and told him what I needed. The carts only had front wheels. He delivered this little cart. He explained me how he lined up the carts, cutting them exactly and welding them so that the wheels were in line. He welded the back wheels straight so only the front wheels turn. He was very proud of his handiwork. He only charged me $20.
The cart above ran smoothly. I cut a short piece of PVC pipe and put strapping through it, tying both ends to the front of the cart. It worked so well that I never replaced it as I planned in the beginning.
It is a little rusty now. The rubber wheels are cracking. The basement has not been kind. I will be sad if this excellent little cart dies. It is used little and only around the yard. ....except for the weeks I pulled gifted 50- and 70-lb rocks along the street to my yard.
For the last 30 years, my cart caused many double takes and even more conversation.
So, is this up cycling or down cycling?
Did you see the daffodils that came up before Christmas?
Your turn
What is your most bizarre remake? What is the remake that makes you sooo proud. 


  1. The news tonight showed the police driving through deprived neighborhoods full of grocery carts. It seems they feel justified in rolling home the groceries. Maybe you can find one or two, if you ride through the right neighborhood.

    1. lotta joy,
      It too! me three years to answer this. Sorry. Yeah, I am afraid of those neighborhoods.


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