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Monday, July 23, 2012

Upcycle an Umbrella Frame--Crochet

I found this picture on Homestead Survival.  I cannot crochet this well. And, I have no idea why the text is so large on my blog now. But, I can fix it. The post is so short, so it stays.

Instructions for acquiring the directions are on the same blog.

Your turn
Are you capable of this magnificent crochet? 


  1. Back in the day, before arthritis, this would be a piece of cake. Don't sell yourself sort; if you can crochet and read instructions, it truly is elementary.

  2. I can crochet and read directions. I am slow with directions and have cataracts. But, I would like a project that I can finish before I die. Both hands are injured, so this would be a real problem. Thankfully, I have no signs of arthritis, something all my friends are suffering from.

  3. This is very pretty but beyond me sorry to say. Simple crochet only. I have made loads of crochet blankets just by making squares and sewing them together The arthritis is making this more difficult now though. I can still do it but not for long.
    Sorry to hear about your poor hen Linda. One of my daughters has hens in her garden. She had 3 rescued from battery but 1 of them died last month. The other 2 are well and happy and lay almost every day.

  4. OK, I never bothered to learn to crochet because I still have many things my mother made. Even she never crocheted an umbrella, though. What possible use could that be? It's not like it'd keep out the rain, or the sun.

  5. Eileen,
    I just keep going round and round the square to make a baby blanket. Yes, this is beyond my skill.

    I hear the rescue hens ar rather fragile. Of Thelma and Louise, the only too left, only Thelma lays.

    It IS totally useless, just pretty, spectacular. I cannot imagine even closing it. I won't be attempting to crochet this.


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