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Monday, July 2, 2012

Chickie-Boom-Boom Smoothie

Dinner for four days

I was saying "chickie boom chickie boom boom" as I made this. Tomorrow, It will be a cold smoothie. Today, I gave them a quarter of this for lunch. They did not finish it. So, it was transferred to their pen at dinner.

*1 can vegetarian beans
*1/2 cup potato flakes
*2 tbsp powdered milk
 4 crushed eggshells
*1 cup fig pieces.
*1 tsp salt
*3 tbsp sugar
 1 tsp red pepper

*from food bank

I mixed it all in an antique berry bowl because it was handy and clean. The salt and sugar are for the heat. The potato flakes are to soak up the bean liquid. They should not have much milk when adults. The eggshells are for calcium. They love these figs that chopped pieces and covered with sugar.

Then, I put some on a plate and called them. Only Thelma came over the carport wall. The other two just stood there like they were unsure what was on the other side. ME! and food that Thelma was gobbling down.

Thelma, picking out the fig pieces!

I stood right there and watched as she deliberately picked out the figs!  For awhile I tried to talk her into trying the rest. Then, I was hurting too much to sit and watch to see if she ate anything else or if Louise and Pepper ate anything at all. I don't think they are too hungry because of all the heat. What was left on he plate, I took to their pen at bedtime and put dry oats on top.

Tomorrow, it will all go into the blender and be served ice cold: Chickie Boom Boom Smoothie! They seem to really like cold food when it is warm.

I know that some people allow their hens to eat from different feeders of food, picking what they want. But, she needs the figs bits least of all, in my opinion. They eat their beans last.

Those figs bits are horrid. Exbf won't eat them either.

Now, I am off the see Magic Mike with a Tina who asked me to go and is paying my way so she won't look like a pervert. I told her we would just look like two perverts!

Your turn
When you put out a mixture of food, do your animals pick and choose? Mine do sometimes. I know they are supposed to know what they need. Hogwash. They prefer fig bits to beans. Pepper will just get a scrap of bread if Louise chases her away from the meat side of the plate.  I really don't think her body says, "I need bread not meat and oats." 

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