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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cute Purse to Make

cute and doable

I saw a girl in the store with an adorable purse. I would like to duplicate this. All the squares with slits are two pieces of fabric. the other squares have appliques (designs) sewn on by machine. Even a novice could make this purse, lining it and adding straps. She said it was too deep, so you could make yours any size that pleases you. This suits my sense of whimsy and parsimony.

These squares could be used for a coverlet or quilt top. The ones with the long slits like the white one near the center are just two pieces, sewed together and then with two long lines joined at the end. Cut between the two lines and the tshirt material sort of folds out. All the backing was a woven fabric and most of the front pieces are thsirt. All the edges are raw, but each block or square piece is sewn where the back has the seams, just a normal joining of seams in order not to see the part, the back where it would unravel.

In the bottom left is a labyrinth (spiral maze walking path for meditation). There is a peace sign in tie dye. There are other signs I don't recognize. I could see this done in dragons, trains, paper dolls with clothes.

By lining any size rectangle of these blocks, a lightweight throw, bedspread, coverlet could be made.

Just make sure woven fabric is used with tshirt over it.

The two-tone blue below her arm is her shirt.

Your turn
Does this strike your fancy for a project? If you make something like this, using this method, I will post a picture on my blog. 


  1. Great idea, I am going to look through my fabric stash and see what I have got.
    I am still working my way slowly through the archives. I will get there in the end.

  2. Cute idea. I am up to my neck in projects right now but I would like to have a throw like that. That extra sign is Arabic writing but symbolizes hinduism I think.

  3. Eileen,
    This project, large or small, would certainly use up odds and ends. I am happpy you are still reading.

    This would be a project easily put down and taken up when time permits. But, summer, garden, and food storage is for now. Plus, you have a knitting project going. Thanks for the symbol information. I suppose a person could use a sign that is meaningful or just choose one that is "cute or artistic" looking, just appealing.


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