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Monday, July 9, 2012

Lumps and Bumps

What does this look like? Go over to Consumne Gal and read Take Your Lumps. I will wait until you get back to tell you my story. Notice how my picture is similar to her picture. She writes well, so you will be amused and horrified at her trials.

Okay, now for my story. This picture is in front of the local Kmart. See the pink strip across the middle of the picture? As I left the store after a very unsatisfactory experience one evening, I was riding the electric cart to the car. I had rattled across the strip of yellow bumps. That pink strip was not filled in. The front wheel of the cart fell into the gap. I lurched forward and hit my chest on the center of the steering mechanism, knocking my breath out of me.

I let out an agonized moan/scream.  An employee retrieving carts ran to me as I was crumpled over the cart, sort of moaning and trying to catch my breath. He had to lift me and the cart out of that crack. I had a huge bruise between my breasts. I should have sued. There was no sign of warning. A person could have easily taken a spill by stepping into the void.

Since my back is in such terrible shape, going over the bumps feels like I am being hit in the base of my spine over and over. That's a nice way to treat customers. Then, the lurch and no caution signs was a horrendous end of the jouncing around on the yellow bumps.

By the way, Lowe's here does not have this bumpy, lumpy patch.

Your turn
Has anyone besides Jan and I encountered these nasty yellow lumps/bumps?


  1. In that situation and had you had medical bills resulting from that incident, I'm sure Kmart would have reimbursed you. No one likes to be sued. And although they have a total mess in front of their store, it does seem like they at least try. But perhaps nearly enough as they should.
    I hope that you're better.

  2. Mark,
    I was thrown so hard that I wondered for a second if I were going to recover. It actually felt like damage to ribs and inside. But, a trip to this er is hopeless. Besides, the whole shopping trip was a fiaxco. If I had sued them, the motivaion would have been rude customer service AND now being injured would have been my perfect excuse to cause them I just wanted to go home and get in bed.

    I told the kid who helped me to tell them what happened and to put up some sort of warning....who knows what he said.

    If I had really been intent on suing, I could have pulled my camera from my purse and taken pictures after I caught my breath.

    That was about two months ago. Better.

  3. I am sorry you had that experience, our K-mart is the same way. These strips are to prevent carts from rolling and injuring people resulting in law suits. Ha~! I don't think they thought this through. I joined your blog we have a lot in common. Plumbing problems, chickens, no money! Good sense of humor.....

  4. Aha, thanks for the reasoning on the yellow bumps! They certainly do impede progress on foot, pushing a cart, or riding the electric cart. I enjoyed your blog when I wandered over there and read a few days' worth of posts. That is one horrendous plumbing problem that seems to just escalate.

  5. I;m not a fan of the dots either! Those bumps are EVERYWHERE here in California. As I understand it they are part of the Americans with Disabilities Act. They may be helpful to some but I'd be willing to bet that they cause more problems than they solve.

    Here they are being installed at every street corner where there is a wheelchair ramp.This is in addition to at the entrance/exit on almost every business. I ask you, if a person is using a walker or wheelchair, do these bumps help? NO they do not! I'm all for safety for blind persons buy come on!

  6. Janet, I hate those bumps. Plus, here they are making curbs at corners a thing of the past. It feels like I am just standing in the street. There is no demarcation that tells you when you are going out too far in the street, so the tendency is to step too far from the sidewalk. I can barely navigate the bumps when on foot going into Kmart and in the electric cart when going out. It hurts my already injured spine to bump along over them.


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