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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Groceries in the Grass

right in the front yard

Who throws a bag of food in your yard? That was my irritated thought. I had just gone out back to feed and let Thelma and Louise out of their pen. Getting the newspaper in the front yard would mean one less time to descend and ascend the steps to the door.

Right there in the dewy grass was a bulky colored bag with food instead of the clear plastic bag with my newspaper in it. When I picked it up, I was shocked. This was my newspaper delivery!  The colorful, plastic bag is very heavy plastic, unlike the thinner, clear bag my paper usually wears.

Three single serve boxes of cereal were inside. When I took the newspaper out, the cereal was inaccessible. Hmmmph! There is a special clear pouch on the front that was hard to open to access the cereal. WOW! This is seriously protected from damp and insects.

(Little happy dance)

There are coupons for each of these cereals included: Fiber One, Honey Nut Cheerios, Chex. All the cereals had flavors, not plain. There is also a $1 coupon for each of these items: $1/1. Those are great coupons, but Fiber One is the only one I might ever purchase.

Yes, I ate a box with the last bit of milk. I will have to wait until Wednesday to get more milk, a tragedy for me. No money here. 


Look at the back of this package--lots of advertising happening here. Newspapers are suffering. This must be a glimpse at the future survival of newspapers.  By subscribing to home delivery of the newspaper, I was the recipient of a special deal that made receiving Friday, Saturday, and Sunday home delivery cheaper than going out on Sunday and purchasing a paper.

Okay, I am posting this early, so that maybe you can score some of these samples or coupons from friends or neighbors who might not care for these samples. I don't like two of them enough to purchase them. I might purchase the Fiber One after I taste it. Hey, freebies and a coupon worked! Now, let's see if I can find it on sale.

Yes, there is more plastic, more ink, more cardboard...sigh. It looks like newspapers are fighting for their lives.

Your turn
Did you get this perk in your newspaper delivery this morning? Have you gotten another perk packaged like this? 


  1. No offence meant here but is there something I am really not getting here? I read your blog all the time and have noticed references to an ex boyfriend (who seems to be in your life daily), a marriage, kids and grandkids and friends. Yet I am sitting here feeling upset to see you unable to afford milk. Is there really nobody who cares enough to see you are taken care of? I would send you something myself but I am not in any position to.

    1. I answered you below. Thanks for being a faithful follower. Thanks for a comment. I don't feel like I am talking to myself.

    2. PS:Exbf is 75 miles away.

  2. Oh, the poor delivery person. They probably needed two trips to the load up place--or more--to carry all that.

  3. Athyn,
    I have not told my kids, two of whom would not offer, one who has her own financial problems. All are 1000 miles away, so they are not aware of all that happens here. Friends--Not asking or telling any of them. Exbf is only here once each week to help me with things I cannot handle. Even then, there is little time. He bought me milk when I asked him to about a month ago, but he was here that day. He bought a bag of cooking bags last week; he benefits from the large amounts of food I cook at once. He won't be here until next Thursday.

    I may write something about exbf often, but he is here maybe 3 or 4 times each month. Someone commented that having an exbf in my life all the time seemed weird. Maybe it is weird, but he said he knew I needed help. Really, a new bf is not going to come along when I am in the shape I am in. I am glad you asked the question instead of just going away or getting frustrated.

    I have a $3 payment coming in from Pinecone where I answer survey questions. I hope that comes in soon. Maybe I can buy a quart of milk. I love and miss I can appreciate your position of not being able to help. It is hard to stay cheerful and optimistic sometimes. Thanks for writing.

    I never thought about weight and volume for the carrier! She must be thoroughly frustrated.However, the paper and cereal would not have fit into my paper box if it were up. Yes, friends know I need that up and people just walk away. It needs to be modified to fit my mailbox post....grrrr.

    1. Interesting! As I haven't faced such kind of experience (bad or funny!) yet so I was very curious to know about the thrown 'stranger' bag! Hope the plastic bag is not a headache for you anymore. Good day Linda :)!

  4. Shelly,
    It was so heavy with the paper that it took me a minute to figure out why and what. I will use the plastic bag, so no problem.


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