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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bullock Brothers Homestead: A 25-year Permaculture Project

Here is a great weekend project. This site is full of videos and great idea. I am inspired by the Bullock Brothers Homestead video from Permaculture Ideas blog. When you go to the link where the video is located, you will be at the Permaculture Idea blog.

It is amazing how these three brothers have worked together for 25-years in harmony. They finish each other's sentences and never seem to compete on camera. They are self-assured, humble, and knowledgeable.

The newest (I think) video on the Permaculture Ideas blog has tomatoes with legs. All his ideas are not new to me. But, there is enough of his disproving current lore about tomatoes to make me a believer.

Does this give you ideas?
While I am not going to move anywhere to start permaculture homesteading, this gives me ideas for my one-third acre yard. How about you?


  1. Read this this morning, went and spend just over an hour watching stuff, got motivated so went outside and spent a couple of hours clearing out the back gardens. What a job. So thanks for that link, I think I could spend a long time watching stuff there but if it also gets me outside more...that's a good thing.


  2. Barb,
    I, too, was motivated, but did nothing about it. Getting lots done is great. It's not a garden, but I have a whole corner of my yard that needs clearing out. It was the grape arbor.

  3. I'm ALWAYS motivated. Acting on the impulse is another matter.

  4. lotta joy,
    LOL...I am not sure, but I think I do remember something about acting when motivated. Maybe I can get back into action.

  5. My comment is regarding an earlier post about your bug bat. I had never seen one before and thought it was a great idea. This weekend I found one in Aldi. I am so happy with it. Whenever I have to visit the Diabetic nurse she always asks if I take any exercise. I shall tell her I bat flies ha ha.

  6. Eileen M,
    I am so glad you have found a new exercise! Hey, mine was guaranteed for a year. I had kept the receipt, doubting that. Sure enough, three weeks or so later, it died. So, I returned it with receipt. Now, I have a turquoise and kept the receipt for that one, too.

    Flies do take a bit of batting, unlike the moths that I just touch.

  7. Eileen,
    Can you email me at the address at the top of my blog on the left? I cannot find an email address for you. Thanks!

  8. Ugh... you have that dreaded . Have you ever considered enabling your email? If you don't know how to do it, just holler.

    Thank you for dropping by!

  9. Girl, my comments have my email address attached... you should consider doing that.

    PS: I sent you a couple of emails... look for them and you'll have my email address.

  10. I love permaculture! Love the Bullock Brothers too. Permaculture has some of the neatest ideas and projects and gets one thinking so far outside the box that no one believes you have a box! lol I spend a lot of time at reading the forums to find answers to my questions.

  11. Sue,
    I may have to go there myself and see what all is there.

    Mrs. A,
    I got the emails and your address.


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