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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Laying another half-ass egg! And Interlopers Again!

Half-assed attempt to lay an egg
Exbf came in sort of disgusted and said, "Well, Louise made another half-assed attempt to lay an egg." Horrified, I asked him what he meant. It seems she laid another egg without a shell, just a touch membrane.

He saved it for me, but either something ate it, or it is under pine straw. He knew I would want to get a picture. My camera battery is low, so I cannot take a picture at all.

Thelma gives me about 6 eggs each week. Pepper stopped her six-a-week habit and now lays one or two. I think it is the heat. Louise lays an egg with no shell about once a month. Thelma and Louise are three years old. I don't know how old Pepper is.

All three hens get egg shells, just as they have since they were young.  No, I am not going to purchase oyster shell.  I think being old is he problem.


This afternoon, I put out two mangoes for the hens. I called them, but they did not come, just looked at me. Oh well, the mangoes were left for when they feel like seeing what they are. Just now, about 6:30, I decided I needed to go to bed for the night. So, I took a bell pepper, cut it in half and filled both sides with oats.

When I got to the pen, the two black chickens from the house behind were eating in the pen, having a ball. I put the bell pepper halves down and called the chickens...deee-lie-lahhhh. All three came running but would not enter the pen because they saw the black chickens, tiny ones. The black ones retreated to a far corner. Still, my trio refused to enter. So, I sprinkled some of the oats. That always get them.

All three went in and the bird hovered in the corner. Pepper went over, stood beside one, and finally made a half-hearted lunge. The birds scurried away. When I went around the pen and banged on it where the black birds were, my trio and the couple of interlopers all ran out.

Now, my trio decides to go in my swing and sit a bit. When the black duo came running to join them. Louise was having none of that and pecked one. So, they hovered around the crape myrtle and just watched my trio swinging.

Now, I have a problem. These have been over here twice and gotten fruit, vegetables, and oats. I have a feeling they will be over every night.  I told the woman behind me that the birds were flying over, and she does not want them. They belong to her son. Soooo, that time I was trying to keep them safe. The next time will be to say they eat my hens' food.

I am torn as to what to do. Pepper likes to scare them!

7:30--All five hens were in the pen, AGAIN! Mine ran  to me, complaining. The other two just refused to leave the pen, so I banged on it and they ran out. Throwing pine cones frightens my hens, something I am not willing to do. Besides, the little black hens just run round and round the outside of the pen. It must look like a cartoon if someone were watching. I am too tired to keep it up, so I am going to bed anyway, and will lock the hens up some time in the night. If the black hens are there, I will lock them up, too.  I am too tired to ask the people behind me to remove their hens!

No proofing here.

Your turn
Should I just ignore the chickens in my yard? Chase them away by throwing pine cones near them to make this seem like a less than hospitable place?


  1. So the black chickens owners don't make sure they stay in their yard/pen area? Weird. Maybe they like the company.

  2. Pamela,
    The owner of the chickens is the son of the house. The owner/mother is disgusted. (at least to me) The son went to spend a week with his father. The son drives. I have not asked his age. The kid had two roosters that his mother hated. I really don't think they even care. Neither the mother nor the son knew they could fly out or even missed them.

    Yes, they try to go where my hens go in my yard.

  3. Why don't you offer to keep the hens, and just have a larger flock? They are probably NOT getting enough food (if being fed at all) or they wouldn't be foraging high and wide. If they aren't being put in properly at night, they're going to be raccoon bait. See if you can keep them. What is the difference between 3 hens and 5, not much, with your girls getting older, they will slow down on egg laying (age does that) and eventually only lay an egg a week. Nice to have some new blood in the flock. Your hens will eventually get to acknowledge them as flock. Poor things, they're probably starving, and trying to hang with more chickens because they are lonely, two birds does not a flock make.

  4. Meetsy,
    Like I said, the mother was disgusted at having hens when we talked. She said to just keep But, if I lock them in at night, the guy may come looking for them. I don't know his character, so I am loathe to go back there again and say anything. I will figure out a way to talk to the mother and see if she really does not want them and what does the son think.

    Jan said they looked like game hens. They are going to be tiny and are really good flyers. So, I don't want anything to fret over at night--them flying away.

    I am surprised that a raccoon has not found them. They are behing a 6' fence, not problem for a raccon! The cat people and all those who think raccoons are cute keep them well-fed, I suppose.

    My hens still barely tolerate Pepper, so the two original hens would be all in a dither if I bring in two That won't stop me.

    Thanks for the comment.

    Thelma is the only regular layer right now, as I pointed out.

  5. I'm still stuck on the idea that chickens eat mangoes. Huh. Who would've thunk it? I know little about hens other than they make yummy eggs for my baked goods. I learned something new today. Thanks!

  6. Melanie,
    Chickens will eat most anything. Mine won't eat beets and rutbagas. Mine never get commercial food or oyster shell because of what is in commercial chicken food and the cost of shell. Their egg shells provide enough calcium.

    I like the eggs, too. Hens make good pets.

  7. Hi! Just found your blog. So enquiring miss want to know....did you keep them?

  8. Stacy,
    No, I did not keep them, but they stay over here unless I chase them back to their side of the fence. Of course, now, all I have to do is show up and they flee.

    They like my yard for some reason. Of course, they like the fresh fruit, vegetables, whole wheat bread (occasionally), ears of corn, and just hanging out in a new place. I think they only get chicken food and scraps at their house.

    When they start crowing, they won't stand a chance here. I only want hens. Thanks for asking.


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