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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Synchronicity and Derailing

Did you ever have a day start with such promise and such synchronous events that made you happy and still keep derailing all day long? I had one of those days today.

First of all, I did not sleep well after the little  health crisis yesterday. Not enough sleep always means I am scattered the next day and hurt lots. Fibromyalgia needs a proper amount of sleep.

I had  found a box to pack away the tall lady lady lamp base. Fortunately, the box I found had another box just smaller stuffed inside it. Both were tall and skinny--just the thing for a tall lamp. I threw a plastic bag of tulle in the bottom of the box, calling it padding. Then, with help from exbf, I managed to get the lamp inside with the harp tied to the upright rod. Then, I used two 4'x2' pieces of quarter-inch, brittle foam in the box, bending it so she is protected. Taping the box up was an ordeal. I could not have done it all without exbf to help me. Now I must find a  18"x18" box for the lampshade--at  least that size. Larger will work.

Another find was an odd shaped box that I suspected I would never find. I did. That will be for a later post. Both boxes had to be oddly-shaped for boxes, and they appeared in front of me just when I needed them, no earlier or later. .

We had to go out for errands and use my car because I was returning something in the trunk. I left my cell phone in the house and was too tired to go get it. Remember--it has a car key on it. My keyring was not in my purse after I had locked the door and gotten in the car. So, I used the car key on my change purse that hold bills and change. When we got to the gas station, I took the key out of the ignition, got  money out, and locked the car, leaving the change purse on the dash. I had paid for the gas and exbf was pumping it. Since I always have my cell phone in my pocket, I did not bother to take the change purse.

I was locked out of the car in front of the pump. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRR!

I have my insurance agent's number memorized, so I called and talked to my long-time employee. She sent the locksmith and drove to the station to give him a check. The locksmith who unlocked my car last time was a disaster, AND I thought he was going to tear up the door.  was glad to see my regular locksmith. I should keep him on retainer. I keep asking for a frequent-locker discount. They are not amused.  For something less than $3, I get roadside service. Unlocking my car is the only service I ever use.

I had coupons for free ice cream cones from Burger King that consoled me after my ditzy self made a mess and our chores.

My cell phone was still in my bed and my key ring was beside the cushion in my chair where I always sit. Yes, I searched for and retrieved them both when I got home after a few chores we had to do. I must say, exbf never chides me for losing keys or leaving them home or locking myself out of car and house. He just asks gently, "Why,,,,,,,,,,,,?"  He is perplexed by all my answers.. Okay, I am under stress and hurt all the time. And, I always have a lame brained excuse. However, I have been a ditz with keys since I went through menopause.

Honestly, I think the man is allergic to my kitchen. He is probably allergic to any kitchen. When I asked him to help me clean out the refrigerator, he came bravely.You could tell by the set of his jaw that he was trying hard not to run.  I cannot bend over and stand up over and over, so I tackled one shelf and said, "Trash, hens, in sink, left of sink, for you, right of sink," handing things as I hunched over, holding on to the refrigerator and trying not to whimper too much. Finally, when one shelf was cleared, I could barely stand or walk. So, that was it for today. I have three more shelves, the meat drawer, two crispers and the butter thing on the door.

 Can you see how long it will take to clean out the refrigerator? Then, and only then, can I empty all the shelves to wash inside. If the world actually comes to an end in December, maybe I won't have to actually wash it inside. You gotta love the Mayans.

I did not put the ground round out in time to thaw today. So, I put it in an iron skillet with some water, intending to thaw it and chop it up to serve on the hamburger bun. We were going to have hamburgers and a large salad of spinach, carrots, tomatoes, yellow squash, and pickled cucumbers with Vidalia Onion dressing.  I remarked it was 5:51 and exbf became irritated for the first time  today. Okay, not the first, just the

He just packed up his work clothes, food I had given him, and waited until I had cut and cubed a cantaloupe for him. You know the hens will love the seeds tomorrow morning! He left. I think getting the cantaloupe sort of calmed him down.

Edit: This part was left out of original post. I must not have saved!

End of edit.

Before I left home to look for him and before he left, I had put the frozen beef in an iron skillet with a bit of water, intending to thaw it and eat it all chopped and still call it a hamburger. When I arrived home after trying to catch him, the meat was burning on the stove....sigh. Not much, thankfully. So, I scraped bits of only slightly scorched meat and chopped it and will have dinner in  a bit. Or, I could eat cookies!
So many things went right today. I was incredibly lucky with the box and other things, but then I got off track many times. Derailment is NOT fun. Maybe seeing the boxes in an unexpected place was not synchronicity.

Your turn
Do you ever have a day that seems driven by dual forces? Do the ups and downs of a day sometimes drain you? Okay, I need

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