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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Projects: Progress, Failures, Abandonment

I found my crochet yarn that does not hurt my hands when I crochet. I have put the crochet down and taken it up again over a dozen times over the last two years. The new acrylic hurts my fingers. The old stuff is so nice to use. I can finish the baby blanket I started for my granddaughter's doll.

Packing items I use is hard to do. Somewhere, they will exist in limbo while I need them....grrr. This is not good. I miss things even though they are still mine. I only have part of one bookcase to pack.

I spent a long, hot interlude in the car on Friday cleaning the dash board of all the dust in cracks, spills of unknown origin, and splashes from more unknown origin. Gas station paper towels and water were the first step. Even with the time I spent cleaning, I did not get to the panels on the front of the dash. All I did was the horizontal part. The radio part and all the dials/buttons and the instrument panel are still mostly dirty.

Today, I realized there was paper lint that needs to be cleaned off the dash before I use the dash conditioner. Surely, old dash conditioner does not go bad and won't rot my dashboard? At any rate, I don't want my dash to crack.

Finally, after 27 months and 10K miles, I had the oil changed. Add the change of the fuel filter. That should give me better mileage, I hear. Yes, I waited too long. But, even now, I could not really afford it. As of the 17th, I had $3 to my name!

The asparagus and strawberries died during our 100+ degree temperatures even though I watered often during the day.

The hot pink umbrella that got holes is trashed, as in the trash can and gone. I was going to make a new cover for it. One day, I looked at it and decided it was just junk in the grand scheme of things I must do.

Even though I scrounged and bought a bit to make the snake trap, the snake seems to have quit eating eggs. So, maybe it is gone. Maybe the snake is eating fewer eggs since I don't get as many as I should and did. Maybe the hens are too hot to lay.

Cleaning and repainting a chair that is dismantled. First, my allergies were bothering me; then, I was ill; now, it is sooo hot.  Just crown me queen of excuses! Hot temperatures include 85 degrees and 67% humidity. The 100+ degree with 20% humidity days weren't so horrendous.

Your turn
Make my day: Please share your projects, progress, failures, and abandonment of those.


  1. I'm waiting for wet season broken umbrellas to use as Bean tressles in my garden. In the windy wet you see them in the bins in the city all the time.

  2. Stephanie,
    Hmmm, how do you use them as bean trellises? I did not mention the huge 10' patio umbrella that I just got from the curb a couple of weeks ago. I am considering putting it back to the curb. Bean trellis, you say? I may have to take another look at the huge wooden one I still have.

  3. The heat can wreck such a lot of plants can't it.
    Fortunately, the asparagus will pop up again.
    It's been a cooler winter here this year, so we've had frost burning.
    Your crocheting is pretty - I've tried but can't master it... it sort of gets a lean and extra stitches added on one side!
    My project is to keep the backyard free of weeds - at first I used mulch (woodchips)... no, they grew right up through them. Now I'm scaping the mulch up and will let the grass re-grow - easier to run a lawn mower over it... weeds and all! I give up!
    Cheers for now :D)

  4. Susan,
    Thanks. I thought the asparagus died once and it started reviving. This time, I thought it was gone for good. I'll watch for a revival.

    I cannot crochet back and forth because I cannot. That is one big granny square that I will stop crocheting when it is doll size, which is just about any size I want. I also keep crocheting until the granny is baby sized for baby shower gifts.

    Weeds are so Look and see if any of them are edible. That would make weeks a little palatable, no pun intended.


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