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Friday, July 29, 2011

Terre Haute, Donna, Mango Smoothies, Whacked in the Head, Ants

Terre Haute
The coupons are appreciated! They will be used.

Donna, whoever you are.
Thanks. I bought a roll of 50'x24", 1/4" holes to attach to the bottom of the chicken pen to thwart raccoon efforts to murder another of my sweet hens. It took me forever to find it locally.

Mango Smoothie
I love a smoothie. Mine always have yogurt and OJ. Not much of either. I never use ice cubes but have a thick, slushy, ice-cold drink/dessert. Banana is the constant fruit. Other fruits involved are strawberries, blueberries, mangoes (all usually frozen, so no ice cubes needed), pineapple, cherries, and peaches.  One night this week, I had a dying banana and wanted a smoothie. I have been resisting the notion of a mango-pineapple smoothie from McD, thinking mine would be better for me and lots cheaper. I think the McD one has fizz. Well, I have fizz in a strawberry soda that I bought, just because. ~sigh~ 

The top to my blender is cracked. I use it anyway. Then, the top to the little hole in the know the little hole where you can throw things in? Well, the little top started falling through the big, cracked top, so I quit using a top. I just get a clean dishcloth and hold it over the blender to catch any upward spurts. NOT the other night.

The frozen mango and a banana went in the blender for a simple, really simple, smoothie. I had counted the pieces of mango--eight. I turned on the blender without allowing the frozen fruit to soften a bit. Yes, I was impatient. That blender blew the dishcloth I was not holding down higher than my head. In my befuddlement of trying to catch the dish cloth and turn off the blender, mango pieces were shooting everywhere like solid golden bottle rockets. Then..

One Whacked me in the Head.
That mango missile really hurt, hitting me on the forehead right above my eyebrow! It rather stunned me.

The Search
This is irritating. Where is the mango? I found two smaller pieces in the blender with the really smooth banana. Then, I found another piece camouflaged by the yellow floor. Another piece was under the edge of the counter. That is four pieces accounted for. Later, I found another piece all gooey, thoroughly melted, dripping on the little net umbrella that goes over food so flies won't land on it outside. That is five pieces. So, there are three pieces, nestled behind a curtain on the window sill, behind canisters, in the silk tree? Where?

My friend Donna (another Donna) was laughing at my tale. I was bemoaning the fact that they could be anywhere, that I would never find them. She reminded me that the fruit flies would. So, now I have to watch for swarms of fruit flies like one would watch vultures flying high above carrion. At least, in the movies, cowboys see vultures flying in a circle and know where to find the body.

That smoothie was not good at all, but I consumed it for the food value. I bought orange juice and yogurt the next day. Tonight, I have no bananas. Maybe I will make a pineapple-mango smoothie....and add a bit of fizz.

I was at the sink and looked out at the leaves of the tree touching the top of the window sill outside. Light bulb moment coming--I can take everything off the kitchen window sill, get on the sink, pull the top window down, and reach out and break off that branch. The only thing stopping me is the fact that I might fall off the counter. Theoretically, I have found a solution that does not involve a man with a ladder. I won't climb that high, even if my knee was not injured, without a spotter. And, I don't have to spray poison.

Your turn
Ever been hit in the head by frozen, flying mango?


  1. LOL! Thats another thing unique to you! Sorry you lost the food. The ants will find them:) 99 percent of the time, I can't find my blender top for my smoothies. I used a dessert or salad plate instead. It fits just right too.
    I dilute my yogurt for smoothies with water. 1 part yogurt, 1/2 water.This is a health tip thing I picked up long ago. I don't like a real sweet smoothie so no added sugars-not even juice. I like to taste the yogurt. I used frozen fruits. When a banana is going bad, I chop it coarsely and freeze it for smoothies or for banana bread.
    McD would be jealous of my recipe:)

  2. I am still looking for swarms of fruit I don't add water or juice or sugar, just mostly frozen fruit.

  3. to answer the question succinctly - NO

  4. Furtheron, This is probably a club of


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