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Monday, July 18, 2011

Hoarding and Life and Death

The way it is now: a little pause for me
My son, his wife, and their daughter and son will be visiting me from Texas. They will be here Wednesday only. Of course, I am overjoyed, but I am also too overworked, hurting, and lacking in funds to feel comfortable with the visit even though I am overjoyed. Please don't tell me none of that matters!

There are so many conditions that can be attributed to hoarding. Lack of a social life, lack of family support, even your health. Maybe you have someone in your life that hoards. Maybe not. But, loss of life is a great probability. I miss my friend who died in 2001. We were platonic friends. He was so funny, helpful, and infuriating. You can learn how hoarding literally killed my best friend.

When I return on Wednesday night, I will have pictures of the cutest grandchildren on the face of the


  1. Hi Linda
    It does matter. I know you can't take it easy but if you can get some rest while they are visiting, that will make the visit even more special than it is.
    Very sorry about your best friend. Very sad life.

  2. I am someone who is easily overwhelmed and stressed out. I am getting the same vibe from you. I have no advice but I feel your pain and will be thinking about you.

  3. Anon, Not usually. Friend who is here today to help me just stands and looks at me, puts things in wrong place...stressing me more. I asked him to sweep bathroom prior to my mopping. He is tired of carrying and knows I cannot. 30 min later he is still there...doing what? He is trying to sabotage me. With the fibro, yes, easily overwhelmed when things like this happen. When all is going according to plan...but no, must baby him right now. He came because I am incapable of doing all this now. Aaaack... Thanks.

  4. Okay, the friend finally got a move on. For a while he just stood and watched me...??? He did so much that I am so grateful. He stayed from 9 am to 10 pm. Sooo grateful! I have all my earthly possessions in three rooms, so this is hard, trying to get it all organized. NO, I am not a hoarder. I ask exbf all the time. He says, of course not. Remember, I having lots of sewing equipment. I needed to sort as I got things up, but no, I had to just get it up and out of here! Going to bed.

  5. Hope you enjoy a wonderful time with your family. I know all the other things do matter but I hope you will be able to put them aside for a little while during your visit.

    When you have a moment to sit and think, I would like you to consider allowing me to link your "hoarding" post to my business website. I have a cleaning/ organization business and I specialize in helping hoarders. The website is: Please feel free to contact me by email if you would like to discuss this further...or for any reason.

    Hoarders struggle so much with taking the first step. I think your story might help motivate some.

    Nearly all the hoarders I know and/or have worked with are highly educated people and perfectionists. They are caring people who need to be reminded of their worth.

    So sorry about your friend.


  6. Taking a break here. I don't have time right now to go to your site, but I will tomorrow. I think I have had a closeup look and insight to hoarders, at least his type of hoarding. He was brilliant!


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