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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Silly tends a garden


Who else tends to weeds? Waters them? Protects them from chickens? Sprays them for pests? Yes, I even staked one of the plants. Okay, I put a tomato cage over it. No blossoms? I thought it would take off any day. This morning I had a three-foot weed. And, several more. Okay, you can quit laughing now!

not a tomato in the lot
I had a 4'x4' box for "square foot gardening" constructed, planning all sorts of goodies.  Nothing was ever planted. So, I just used it for compost, knowing I would have rich soil, if nothing else. This year, I thought I had a volunteer tomato. Then, another familiar plant grew.
potato plant
anyone have a clue what this is
poke salat

This morning, I was laughing at myself while I was talking with the man who mowed my lawn. He exclaimed that one was a potato plant and the other was poke salat. I have a free meal! Poke salat scrambled with eggs and vegetable, protein, and carbs.

I can even recognize poke salat, not this time! But, it was not growing in a ditch, by a fence, or just as volunteers elsewhere. Out of its element, it was vaguely familiar but unrecognizable to me.

Four tomato plants sit, waiting to go in that spot and another spot by the back porch. Now, I want so badly to see what I can grow that I will not pull it up. I think I remember that potatoes and tomatoes should not be planted together.

For now, I can uncage the potato plant! It has been so hot that I have severely procrastinated planting anything. Too late? Oh, no, not in my opinion. I just won't have a large yield.

For your information, potato plants look suspiciously like tomato plants. I really really really want to pull up the potato plant and see what has grown!

The whole setup looked neater when exbf could weed eat around it. Plus, the guy who mows did not go between the box and the fence this week. Can you see the wisteria starting to climb onto the chicken wire? Messy!

I feel silly

Your turn
Have you ever lovingly tended weeds, thinking that you had another desirable plant only to find it was a weed? Have weeds ever turned out to be desirable plants?


  1. LOL! Only you would actually get something edible out of this experience! We had/have a purslane infestation. One day I saw a plant in the nursery called running phlox that looked just like it. Clever me, I decided to transplant the purslane into pots because its very pretty and I thought it was running phlox. I transplanted it to all sorts of places-all over our land. And thats how we got an infestation. I have to try eating it I guess:)

  2. *chuckle* I never weed...can't tell one thing from another. until it lands in my kitchen that is! ;)

  3. Not weeding is a clever Okay, but I thought of it Weed? Me?


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