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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dinner and amendments to recipe

zucchini casserole, pork loin, salad

Dinner tonight was frugal. Salad greens bought on sale and with coupon, zucchini casserole with tomatoes from the hens bucket of food, free pork loin. The salad was romaine, radicchio, carrots. My parsimony went into full swing when I saw the nice condition of the tomatoes in the scrap bucket, right on top of other unfortunate vegetable. Tomato rescue=saving money. Of course, I burned the pork loin, not all of it, but enough.

My divided Corelle plates make it seem like I am dining a hospital.

The casserole looks skimpy, but it was not. This is a deep casserole dish. Then, the casserole shrinks a bit. I made another smaller one, too. I  heart Corelle.

Realizing I had not added a few notes to the zucchini tomato casserole recipe, I amended the recipe  in red. Onions were not part of the original recipe. One day, I accidentally put onions in. It was good, so they stayed.

I used four slices of bread for two casseroles. It seemed like I was skimping on bread, but the casseroles were delicious.

bread--whole wheat from senior center
tomatoes from hen scraps
pork loin

Paid for:
2 Tbsp butter

ten servings

Hen food
peelings from zucchini
leftovers from tomatoes even after salvage

My dehydrated  onions were used. I only put about eight little pieces of onion on each layer.

Your turn
Have you made this yet? Do you ever withhold food from your hens for yourself?


  1. "Do you ever withhold food from your hens for yourself? "
    Oh yes, quite often and sometimes the pig misses out too. Son sometimes brings a crate of food scraps out, from the supermarket, and we always go through it first. It surprises me sometimes on how good these *scraps* are.


  2. I'm waiting for a couple more zucchinis to harvest and make this dish. I can't wait!

  3. Barb, Sometimes there are only superfical blemishes, not really food gone bad...yeah, good times, going through boxes of produce. I need a pig for what the hens refuse to eat--potatoes, beets...
    LindaM, yum

  4. if I had hens and the grocer was kind enough to supply scraps, I surely WOULD take a look first! who could resist?


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