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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Potato harvest

tiny, volunteer potato

You can stop laughing now.

I could have had a cheap potato from compost. If there had been more, I could have been potato-self-sufficient. Actually, there were more. He just somehow kept showing the fence the potatoes instead of turning them to the camera....sigh. Right above the "large potato" is a smaller one. There were potatoes not much larger than a black eyed pea. Use your imagination.  I thought the plant was a tomato, watered it, and tended it. Then, someone told me it was a potato plant. Bummer. I wanted to plant tomatoes there, so it came out.

Your turn
Did you plant potatoes this year? How are your potatoes?  


  1. At least you did get free food out of it. I wish you were here. Tomatoes are coming in slowly but we had 7 volunteers this year! I'd share.

  2. Too hot in my area to grow potatoes. I'm getting ready for the wet season. Reading about growing peanuts, sweet potato, corn and winged beans.

  3. I planted potatoes and tomotoes, so far so good. I did the potatoes in bins and dug down in there this morning and felt some small ones growing. The tomatoes are doing well, I had one volunteer in my greenhouse and it started taking over (without any blooms) so out it came!

  4. I planted a couple rows of potatoes this year. I started with 4lbs of seed potatoes. I can't wait to see how many pounds I end up with.

    I have stolen a couple pounds from the plants to eat as new potatoes. They were about the size of my fist. I have stopped watering and am waiting for the stem to die so I can harvest them. Sooo exciting!

  5. LindaM, So far, I have no tomatoes. Waiting until the 4th of July to plant is not a good idea, but I could not do it alone.
    FDU, What variety of sweet potatoes?
    Amanda, I would have to feel for potatoes, too!
    Lorie, That is exciting. At least with most vegetables, you can see how the crop is coming along. I would have to get a few out at a time as you did.
    It looks like I am the lone, potato-less woman...LOL.

  6. I have quite a few potato plants growing in the compost bed. I am just waiting for them to die back so I can dig them up. I did not cover them as they grew so will only have ones at the very bottom. Next year I will remember to hill them.

  7. Good batch of potatoes this year. Blister beetles made an appearance late in the season and "skeletonized" the rows of Yukon gold, but thankfully after the potatoes had grown to acceptable size. I'll need to post a picture or two the harvest.

  8. 101,Blister beetles are new to me. Thankfully, you got potatoes. Yukon gold is my absolute favorite potato. Lately, I just eat potatoes that are not pretty, all from my scraps donated to my hens. I would love to see the harvest.


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