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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Emergency Substitutions at Recipes4Living

Three eggs I collected today

Ready to cook? You don't have an ingredient? You cannot afford the time, energy, or money to shop? I hate it when I need an ingredient to cook and don't have it. Here is a site for substitutions.

Your turn
Do you ever employ any of these substitutions? I do.


  1. ooh, thank you, Practical...seems I am always searching through my cookbooks in a hurry, trying to find a good substitute. This site looks to be a one-stop source. yea! :)

  2. Great site! I substitute constantly it seems. One good cookbook to have for that is actually an early edition of Joy of Cooking. Not sure if more current editions have them but ones from the early 80's on back did.

  3. Dmarie and LindaM, I thought this might be handy since it seems to be so comprehensive. This is the type thing I need to copy and put in plastic sleeves, so I don't have to go to the computer and open it and search. I have seen shorter lists of substitutes in different places, but this has soooo many! Glad you both liked it.

  4. Just found your site, very cute. I have always wanted to keep hens, so until that day come, I will enjoy hearing about yours! Thanks for the site, very useful.

    Chris in FL

  5. Chris, Thanks. Come by often now that you know where the hens are. Right now, they are inside my house, in a cage by the back door! I live right in the middle of the city, near PO, police dept, and no one even cares. I was told it was against the law by city hall, so I hid them for a bit. Of course, the size mine are now, there is no hiding them.


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