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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Saving on Salad; Coupons for Nutritious Food

two Dole 10 oz salad blends

I can make two nutritious meals for $1. That is fifty cents apiece. Two people can dine for a total of $1. Got it? If you grow your own, never mind.

I had a coupon for $1.50 off two bags salad mixtures from Dole. This is cheap eating! Plus, I had a $3 check from doing a survey online. That $3 is above and beyond normal income. So, I treat it like a coupon or free money to play with.  I want the salad greens for Wednesday when exbf comes to help me with a few things around the house. He loves salads, as do I. Sooo, I was passing the store and went in.

Dole Italian Blend
2@ $2.92=
- 1.50   coupon
-3.00   Check for survey online
$1.34 Total for two bags of salad greens

$6.59 from July 3, 2011 post
$1.34 today
$3.49--pint  ice cream, $1 McDouble, Reeses cup It was the Fourth and I chose to stay home!
$11.42 Total through July 5, 2011

I can get six large salads from this and other vegetables I got free or really cheap a few days ago. Plus, I salvaged some items from the hen's produce. Without the cooked chicken in the salad, I see this costing me $.50/salad. I could boil the free eggs from my hens in the backyard, put in the salad,  and leave off the chicken expense. Yes, with eggs, this will definitely feed two for $1. By the way, I sliced the zucchini and squash really thin and used little of it on each salad. I have free squashes for tomorrow.

Yes, I see salads in my life for the next few days. These have to be eaten immediately. Plus, I still have one bag in the refrigerator, I think. No, it's two partial bags I will use tonight.

About coupons for nutritious items
I went into the store three days in a row and these coupons were almost intact. However, the coupons for chips and crackers and candy were all gone. These coupons were put out on the same day. I realize the store employees might have put out new coupon pads. The manager said the crackers and chip coupons go quickly.

So, for all the people who say there are not coupons for nutritious foods, have you looked. During the same time period, there were coupons in the little coupon booklets in the paper for: $1 Off Dole Blends. I sent one to my daughter and forgot to use mine. I was using these $1.50/2 that are of less value.

Your turn
Do you find coupons like I have used, ones for produce (I chose zucchini and squash), and then, specifically, Dole salad greens? Okay, if you grow your own salads, raise your hands proudly!


  1. I occasionally find salad coupons but little else. I look harder for these in winter because I grow my own the rest of the year. This year, I'll be growing a winter garden though.
    My favorite deals are usually on peanut butter-a very under-rated healthy food. We use it for lots of things like peanut sauces over pasta as well as the usual ways.

  2. LindaM, Peanut butter in moderation is nutritious. I use Smuckers that only has peanuts and salt in it. I fear the hydrogenated fat in the others and the I will eat what I fear, unfortunately. Hmmm, it seems the salad coupons have been more numerous in the spring and summer. I wonder what's with that...people getting a taste for salads now that it is warm. My daughter was thrilled with the salad coupon because cooking is hot in NY in the summer.

  3. I do grow my own salads but I still use the produce coupons, too. It seems like I can never grow enough for our family.

    I have used coupons on bags of salad that were marked down because they were almost out of date. They ended up being 10 cents. So, I took them home and fed them to the chickens.

    There are coupons for healthy foods around, you just have to look.

    Good job with the budget. I love that you were still able to treat yourself. Frugality (or parsimony) does not have to be about deprivation!

  4. Lorie, Oooh, salads for the hens! Good job. I just fed the salad I dropped on the floor to mine...only a dozen pieces.I get free old bagged salads and turnip greens in the winter when they are not allowed out in the yard.

    I just have to get with it and grow some salad greens at my house! Oh, no, I never deprive myself. I should some days! Thanks for comments.


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