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Friday, July 8, 2011

Get angry and support Julie Bass

Read this article and get angry. Julie could go to jail for planting vegetables in the front yard. What would Michelle Obama say? What do you say?


  1. Hi Linda, I feel there's been a bit of playing around with the literal meaning of the word "suitable" by the Planning Officers. It's been known to happen ;-)
    I took the by-law's meaning of suitable to be such plants that would be appropriate to a frontyard, plants that would suit the front yard, that would be convenient to the front yard.
    For instance nothing that would detract visually, nothing that would encroach upon a neighbour's property or on to public property and cause a nuisance.
    The photograph of the yard in question, is tidy, neat, visually attractive. Their plantings would not encroach on any neighbours' properties or on public property or cause a nuisance in any way.

  2. Oh yes! Sometimes, when a person or agency has made a decision, the decision will not be reversed in the face of the truth because, well, just because. I'm amazed.

  3. Something similar happened to another lady in Florida I think but she wanted to plant fruit trees.
    I think anything that dictates what one can do on land you own and pay property taxes over is suspect but I'd not buy in a location with those rules in the first place.
    As a gardener, when I think "suitable" I think sun or shade, clay or sand. The word in this case is quite unfortunate in that it has a wider definition than the prosecutors would like it have.
    As to the White House organic garden, take a look at who heads the department of agriculture and then decide what our First Lady would say about this.
    Boy am I being a downer! Sorry:)

  4. Downer? No more than the officials are!


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