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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Who's that behind my door?

L-Louise, Back-Fancy, underneath Fancy and on the right-Thelma
I put the cage inside  the back door for the hens like I always do right before the sky is dark. Then, I close the door so there will be no room for them to come in the house. I heard them clucking softly, then jumps and thumps. Okay, so everything was really quiet. Since humans don't come home from work and go right to bed, I allow them to come into the house on their own terms...unless it is raining. Then, I call them and they come right to the door.

Tonight, after all got quiet, I went to put the lid down on their cage. Nope, the hens were behind the cage, that is, in the house. They all three stood quietly on the linoleum. So, I shooed them out the door and raised the lid where it leaned on the window sill and prevented entrance to the house. Once again, I heard the thumping of jumping and landing and the flapping of wings.  Remember, chickens don't bend their knees when they land, so they land with a jarring "whump!" sound.

This time, after they all flapped and whumped, they kept twittering, little clucks, almost like when they were very young. I imagined they decided to have a conversation as they sometimes do. They kept this up for an hour as I finished two Waltons episodes. Finally, I just paused the DVD and went to cover them up. What do you know...they were behind the door, making themselves comfortable on the shower curtain and my raggedy jacket, things used to cover the cage each night.  Yes, I toss them behind the door!

All three were lying down. Louise got up when I went to get the camera. The reason they were making little sounds was because a lamp was on between me and them, causing them to stay more awake than usual after they get into the cage. I think they would just live comfortably in here if I would allow it. Ummmm, not until I get chicken diapers. There is such a product. I don't think my children think I am crazy. I wonder.

Hens are so interesting and sweet. Thelma has been broody for six weeks. I really need to get fertile eggs so she can raise some chicks. Yeah, like I need more to tend to right now. 

Tonight, I am cooking chicken and sweet potatoes, all in the same oven. It is almost 70 degrees here, so I won't like the heat at all. But, it will be in the mid 80s tomorrow. Tonight, I can bear not to use the ac. Tomorrow, I would definitely run it.  

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