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Friday, April 22, 2011

How do you eat an Easter Peep?

Peeps technique
Everyone has a technique for eating Peeps, it seems. Some people prefer them nice and fresh, while other folk like to let them get a little hard and chewy. Maybe you like to nibble a Peep or stuff the whole thing in your mouth.

Bite or stuff
As for me, they never have time to "season," so mine are eaten fresh. I don't like biting down on them and having to stretch it to get the bite off. "Neat" is not the operative word here.  Besides, Peeps lose sugar and I then have Peeps all over me.

Gag me with a Peeps
My preferred method is plopping the whole gag-inducing mass into my mouth. Yes, I have to remember to breathe! All the sugar melts and almost sends me into a hypoglycemic, head-spinning tizzy. Since I only do this once a year, maybe I will survive.

Plan foiled
I planned to wait until after Easter and snag Peeps for a quarter instead of paying a dollar. However, someone gave me a package of 10 purple Peeps. Five were breakfast today and five a before-dinner snack.  Free is better than cheap.

Easter place mats
I made these about 20 years ago. The vivid colors and riot of pink lilies and bunnies appealed to me. These cost me about $0.50 for the entire fabric (bought by the pound) and an hour at my serger, using the rolled hem setting and attachment. I have fancier, store-bought place mats, but these suit me and the season. For an easily-taken picture, I just put the place mats on the ottoman. I don't have to stand or bend. My shoulder, knee, and back thank me for the care. 

I suppose I have had the four, second-hand, antique store, salad plates for about 25 years. They suit my sense of whimsy and are appropriate for every season.

Purple Peep eaten from a lovely plate on a whimsical place mat. Bye, bye, Peeps! Until next year....
Peeps eaten in the car with purple sugar all over me and the car...ah, life is good.

Your turn
Do you have a Peep technique? What is your favorite color Peep? I like yellow, but purple was free. Do you eat them fresh or dried out? Are you a nibble or a stuffer? 


  1. envy your beautiful placemat at great plate but you can keep the peeps! gag is right! ;)

  2. LOL....I don't know why I even eat them. It's rough keeping that tradition alive. Thanks, the placemat is not so dark and the pink is more pink than in the picture. Using them is a better tradition than Peeps-eating.

  3. Love the plate and placemats. Purple peeps? I have not seen those. I like the yellow because they are yellow and I eat them fresh, try to nibble but end up gobbling:) I didn't buy any this year! A trip to the drug store is in order then. I knew something was wrong with Easter!

  4. Thanks, both are favorites. Peeps are reduced now.Bet some and eat them so your Easter will be complete.


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