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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A smile for Happy Feet

The guy wearing these Crocs and tie-dye socks had a sunny disposition and a smile on his face, talking to everyone. He was working at a lunch that a church serves once each month for anyone in the community.

Today, I sat with a friend and her husband. Two women at the table worked for an attorney in town.

For a year or more, I saw the sign about 4 blocks from my home. Finally, I went about three months ago. Anyway, I had to share these happy feet. 

Oh, you don't approve of socks with Crocs or sandals? I do! In the South, we have little cold weather. If someone has Birkenstocks, that person just wears socks for a month or so instead of investing in more shoes. Students don't have lots of money. Free spirits wear socks and sandals. 

Your turn
Do these socks put a smile on your face, too? Do you disapprove or approve of socks and sandals or Crocs?


  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those socks!!! I have a pair of crocks just like those too -and- I wear socks with my crocks. I have multi-colored strip socks, I call my Munchkin socks.

  2. When I see him next month, I am going to ask him where he got the socks. Stripes would be cheerful. Good people wear socks with Crocs and kidding. I like the fact that you name your socks.

  3. I am working on a post about socks!

    I love that blokes socks, I would wear socks like that.
    I don't like crocs. They just don't do anything for me.

    My daughters wear odd socks because it makes them smile. I like brightly coloured ones.


  4. There is a whole site devoted to selling mismatched socks. Do you like this site?

    I am going to ask him where he got them.

  5. I work with women who wear shoes that I couldn't even stand in. I don't wear Crocs, I have to wear custom diabetic shoes that are uglier than sin. I'd be smiling if I could wear those Crocs and socks to work.

  6. Jan, I maybe strange. I do not have diabetes and as of last year was nowhere near being diabetic. However, I want some Merry Janes. The bumpy toe box is what I want. Long ago, I gave up cute and sexy for comfort. That said, I still wear all sorts of flats and sandals that are mainstream. When I lose weight, cute will be in my vocabulary big time. The bumps in Crocs hurt my feet. The leather labels they sew in the heels of shoes hurt my feet to stand on the labels. I have Princess-and-the-Pea foot syndrome. Sorry about your ugly-as-sin shoes. At least you have what you need to stay healthy.

  7. Love those socks! Big smile on my face here. Yes, socks with Crocs, but no to socks with sandals because only men of a certain age do that around here, black socks, shorts, brown sandals and they make me feel sorry for them.

    I bet somebody knit that mans happy socks. If he says that, can you remember to try to find out what yarn was used? I'd love to knit a pair in that color combo!

  8. Those men of a certain age appeal to me when they wear socks and sandals. It's sort of cute. I always figure they just don't care about being cool and with it. And,that's fine with me. I will ask him. He was so busy I did not have time yesterday.

  9. LindaM, I asked about the socks. Bill said a friend was in San Francisco, saw the socks, and thought he needed them. So, now we know. I will post this to the blog later.

  10. Thanks for checking. Now I want to send my family all over S.F. in search of these! They won't listen of course.

  11. Ah, I have a weakness for tie-dye socks. I make and sell tie-dye for summer street fairs. We always sell a bunch of them. They look happy and great on everyone!

    Matt and I both wear socks with our sandals when the weather or situation calls for it. We do get teased about it sometimes. : )

    I think crocs are ugly. My sister swears by them. To each their own or beauty in the eye of the beholder, etc.

  12. Linda, I'm worried about how you fared in the nasty weather the past couple of days. Please let us know you're okay. I'm assuming your power is down, at the very least.


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