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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cullman Tornado Pictures

Hi, here are 281 pictures in this  C:\Users\Linda'\Desktop\Cullman tornado April 27, 2011 folder that may or may not work. Some day I will label them. The first ones are of exbf helping me with planter where I put squash plants. The knife was in the lying in the driveway after the tornado. Imagine being stabbed by a tornadic wind!

This will be rambling, not in chronological order, and not edited at all. I may put the wrong thing, ex., their, there, they're. Ignore all the mistakes.

Most of the pictures are taken in a moving car. I put the camera on fast action shot mode and shot from my side window, the passesnger window, or through the windshield, or the side window that I forgot to open. I cannot find the picture of the field where only rubble remains instead of businesses or houses. The first windows were taken on foot. The picture of the steps leading up the the overpass over the railroad track is not of destruction. I am do afraid of that foot bridge! The shot from the bridge down the rr tracks shows where cars were blown onto the tracks.

I am in debt to several people for $1049 for the generator and two 50' 12volt (or whatever 12 designates) extension cords. I went back and purchased a 12/3 extension cord, but 25' The generator is halfway down the side of the house with the two cords threaded through the window. One cord goes into the window of the living room and into the sewing room, across the room to the freezer. The other cord goes through the same living room window and into the dining room and into the kitchen. to the refrigerator.

The 25' cord goes to the den for my computer a lamp. Since the computer flashed on and off so many times as the lights flickered and I feared my computer was going to be fried. Nevermind, I have to get to safety. I will get a new surge suppressor today.

Good news! Only a package of breaded chicken tenders was thawed in the big freezer. Ham, chicken, steaks (round), all were solid as a rock. The freezer was in a coolish room, continually shaded by trees. the freezer was locked and never opened. The refrigerator freezer was my other worry. I think I am losing all in the food in the refrigerator. But, the freezer over the refrigerator had one thawed package of ground beef. Everything thing else I felt was solid. EVEN the ice cube trays had SOLID cubes, appearing not to be even in the process of thawing.

I took a bath/shower in ice water today, not fun. I do not have a shower. I don't even want one. I hate showers and prefer a tub bath. But, there is a shower thing on the faucet in the clawfoot tub. Since I have injured knee and shoulder, I no longer sit in the tub. I stand to bathe. Today, I stood and washed and sprayed with cold water. I just did not have the nerve to get cold water on my back. So, I have a dirty back. Thursday and Friday, I washed at the sink.

Wed--Tornado hit
Wed afternoon, there were so many emergency vehicle sirens that it was surreal. All night until I finally passed out/fell asleep ambulances ran with sirens on.

Thursday morning, I awoke to the sounds of helicopters and chain saws. Where were the bird sounds?

I am tired and must find a gas can for my generator gas. I only had a one-gallon can, borrowed from my favorite service station that had no gas. All I can find is a 5gal can, something I cannot lift full.
I could only put two gallons in it, but it would still be unwieldy.

More tomorrow. I am sitting in Books-a-Million. I would have bought something. I found out I have to pay here by the day or buy a $20 card. A guy allowed me to use his number after he left. Desperate for food, I finally went to the car and got my water and food from an emergency relief at a church near my house.

I have not fired up the grill. I left three gray pair of pants soaking in water and vinegar. It is 1 pm so they need to go on the line and drip forever.

Call me. If you can help, I appreciate it....forever. If you cannot help, the call would be great. Two people called last night. The conversation was great!

Oh, could not find a guy to help me with the generator, so a woman helped me with the generator.

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