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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

If you will build it, I will buy it

Nonexistent goods
This is a good post for no picture. No picture exists of what I desire. It might not be frugal, but here is where I would splurge. When you hear my story, you may decide the uni-tasker is really a cheap way to do what I have attempted the last few days.

What do I want this unitasker to do?
Boil water.
Lower a basket of pasta into the boiling water.
Raise the basket up when the pasta has boiled enough.
Turn itself off.
Drain the pasta.
Sound a honking, blasting alarm to alert me.

Because I have managed to boil pots dry twice in one day. Plus, I did the same thing on three previous days but with one pot per day. (My "pot" for boiling pasta is a CorningWare casserole.)

Because my back hurts. or
I stay at the computer too long. or
I go to the mailbox and dawdle in the yard pulling privets. or
I have to go to the bathroom and just forget to go back to the kitchen. or
The chickens come to the door and call me outside. or
Someone telephones me and I talk too long. or
The Waltons is fascinating and I watch enraptured. or
I decide to give in to worry.

Of course you don't. You have not made of career of boiling water with olive oil in it, boiling the water until so much is gone that the Corning Ware casserole you are using scorches.

Your turn
Have your repeatedly committed the same error in the kitchen? Are there any inventors in the audience? Seriously, I have already submitted this idea! What do you think?


  1. I've run my washer with no clothes in it twice in one day. Put the detergent in the washer, closed the lid & walked away. When I went to put them in the dryer I was shocked, stunned, confused...where the hell did my laundry go??? Honestly, there are days when I am pretty darn sure that I am the scary-ist woman in Pittsburgh!

  2. PATTY,
    Oh no! I have been laughing so hard for three minutes. The hens awoke and complained about the That certainly beats my boiling water forever. I would be shocked, too, stunned even. I need to get to the gynecologist and get the estrogen again. If I don't get the estrogen, I, too, am pretty scary.Thank you for that response. It was priceless!

  3. Thats too funny Patty:)
    Linda, my memory is so bad that I can't recall anything like this happening to me, which means it happens alot!
    Seriously, basket cookery would be good if you planned ahead and remembered that you have water boiling in the first place. You boil the water, insert the ingedients, cover tightly and turn off the stove.
    Take pot to basket ( or swadle in several blankets) and go watc h The Waltons.

  4. LindaM, that is a lot to remember! Will the basket blast a horn to reming me? Just kidding.

  5. I used to boil dry pots, char to a crisp lots of food and pans. (I would joke that my specialty was "Blackened whateverwewerehavingfordinner, you know Cajun style." I was pretty bad about it... Like you I would get distracted by something out of the kitchen and just not come back until it was too late. Now I just don't allow myself to leave the kitchen. I bring my book into the kitchen and just sit there. Its not the most "efficient" I it limits me to in kitchen projects or reading...but, so far I haven't had one such wait...okay, one. :)

    I hope someone makes you your gadget so you can wander!

  6. Patty, LindaM, and I must be triplets, separated at birth!

  7. Oops, LindaM, BLD, Patty, and I--quadruplets! and separated at birth.


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